AI for EHS: Risk Prevention vs Risks Management

AI for EHS which includes ML, CV, NLP, is opening new possibilities for EHS. Using AI for compliance management, safety management, and incident management gives businesses full control and data-driven insights.

Medical Chatbot for Preliminary Diagnosis

43% of people google their symptoms and misdiagnose themselves. With the medical chatbot created on the basis of a reliable database of symptoms from a trusted clinic millions of patients can receive more accurate preliminary diagnosis. Yet, a visit to a doctor is a must.

Object Character Recognition Technology for Scriptum

For Scriptum, a secure platform for the digital business transformation we created a unique design system that can improve the speed of development immensely and have also implemented object character recognition technology to make the process of document processing fast and effective.

How Companies are Using OCR to Digitize Their Business

As the world becomes more digitized, companies have to keep pace with exploding process complexity and accelerating innovations. The first step of the digital transformation is introduction of Object Character Recognition (OCR), allowing companies to convert any kind of images containing written or printed text into a machine-readable format. Using character recognition apps, the companies enhance their document workflow by automating manual routine work.

HR Management Systems

Management of HR is going through a digital transformation. Most processes that recently were done only manually, are now automated by advanced HR online systems, the most widespread of which are HRIS, HRMS, HCM. As regards the implementation of the HR Management software, the choice is between the two trends that dominate the broad HR market - SaaS and customized HR management software.

Web Portal Development: Communication & Collaboration Platform

Softengi has developed a web portal solution for a public sector with content management, search, forms creation, and survey modules to ensure the most effective level of communication and collaboration inside the company.

Digital Twin Technology for Facility Monitoring

Digital twin technology for facility monitoring is the possibility to obtain the most accurate information about any environment from IoT sensors and stream it directly to the digital twin.

Management Consulting 4.0: Paradigm Transformation

Management consulting is undergoing a large transformation under the pressure of new technologies, ambitious ideas, and the pandemic. The majority of companies have realized that the data they generate is a valuable asset, and they need experts to collect, work, and process it correctly to make data-driven decisions. How can management consulting companies guide businesses to the digital era?

Embedded Devices: Basic Notions

The rise of the interest to embedded system development is explained by the smart home mass introductions and the growing demand for consumer electronics, ADAS, electronics solutions.

Video Streaming Apps: Design. Development. Support.

Live stream broadcast is an affordable and very profitable tool. The flow of new interactive video content can increase dwell time and incremental repeat traffic, boosting marketing campaigns and revenue opportunities.

XR for Remote Consulting and Maintenance

By clashing digital and physical worlds, XR has opened a lot of possibilities for various industries. Remote Consulting and Remote Assistance are today's most in-demand applications, that have shown a great potential to revolutionize the traditional maintenance field.

BI for Data Analysis: Applications in Pharma

The key to company success in the pharma industry is efficient utilization of Big Data. According to Worldwide Health Industry 2020 Predictions report, IDC professionals claim that next decade will be defined by healthcare data and the technologies needed to harness them. A Business Intelligence solution can efficiently process and analyze pharma data, providing insights with in-depth analytical reports.

IoT Solutions in the Post-COVID-19 World: New Challenges

The pandemic has forced enterprises to reconsider their work practices and adjust them to the current situation with COVID-19. A broad array of devices and software allows us to operate and respond to this crisis in a way that would have been impossible in the past. Such technologies as Internet of Things are helping companies and governments to solve unique challenges posed by coronavirus.

AI-Powered Online Learning Platform for an NGO

Remote education is the current trend, luckily, IT has a lot to offer. Learning management systems development in all their variations: online platform development, document management systems, scheduling software, is the best solutions for remote teaching and studying.

HR System Software Development for a World Bank Program

Developing custom HR software is investing in your company's most valuable resources: employees.

IT Solutions to COVID-19

Our team joined a Central European Initiative call for proposals and came up with the technological response to the pandemic: we suggest using Artificial Intelligence in the battle against COVID-19. Let's be honest, technology is the only thing that can help us deal with the pandemic.

Corporate Web Portal Solutions

The Employee web portal is basically a data hub for the business which allows consolidation valuable data for its further analysis. Companies that have implemented corporate web portals manage to reduce the time their employee spend on repetitive tasks by 17%.

Power BI Services for a Lab Process Automation Company

Power BI is a powerful tool that translates data into value for a company empowering even non-technical specialists with the information helping them to make data-driven decisions.

Computer Vision for Quality Control in Retail

Computer Vision and Machine Learning open new possibilities for retailers. Spotting "empty shelves", finding the right product from the catalog, determining fake/counterfeit goods is efficient when it is done with the help of AI.

AWS vs Azure: 7 Things to Consider Choosing a Cloud Vendor

Every cloud platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. At Softengi, we have accumulated experience in most popular cloud solutions and are ready to share it so that you could make the choice between AWS and Azure easily. 

Legacy System Modernization in Telco

There are different levels of complexity of system modernization depending on the current state of a legacy application. Some legacy systems may require remediation, others replatforming or migration to a new standards-based ecosystem.

WebAR + Telepresence App for Retail

Augmented reality for retail combined with telepresence is the guarantee of zero buyers' remorse: they see what they are buying and get professional consulting.

Modern LMS : Trends in E-Learning

The modern learning management system must have certain features to reach the demanding target audience: gamification, AR/VR, mobile e-learning are just some examples.

Design System: The Future of Digital Design

If you decide to develop your own design system adjusted specifically to your business, Softengi with its team of 280 professionals is ready to help.

Five Reasons Why VR Has No Rivals For Emergency Training

VR creates additional opportunities to train and teach your employees what to do in case of an emergency. Take advantage of the VR world to save costs for fire drills and get your employees well-educated.

Three Steps to Classify Your Financial Data

Today, we’re going to shed more light on why data classification is crucial for the financial sector and how to use it properly. Check out our article to find out three effective steps to retrieve your collected data.

Platform Development for a Biotech Company ADAM

Biotech industry is revolutionizing healthcare, and our cooperation with ADAM, one of the most promising American biotech startups, is another evidence of the rise of this sphere.

Retail Trends 2020

We prepared a great article for you about trends in the retail industry in 2020. You will see that retailers have to become smart in order to stay competitive in the market. Moreover, we will show the way Softengi transforms the retail segment.

How Data Science Will Lead All Future Healthcare Trends

Data Science, a field of study that focuses on extracting meaningful insights from data, has found great use in today’s healthcare industry. Based on our expertise in developing healthcare applications, we conducted a study on the trends in this industry.

Digitizing Documents with Artificial Intelligence

Success is when the best company quotes you. Recently, the German company SAP, a leader among manufacturers of software for organizations, published an article mentioning our research. Below is a translation of their article, “Digitizing Documents Using Artificial Intelligence.”

Smart Farming: A New Challenge For R&D

Sustainable farming is designed to fulfil the needs of society in production now, without depriving future generations of the opportunity to meet their needs. Sustainable agriculture methods must combine the solution of three main tasks: a healthy ecosystem, economic profitability, social and economic equality.

Blockchain in Real Estate

The real estate sector is characterized by high risks, as it implies a big impact on people's safety. To be sure that real estate and construction data is well protected, companies must use the latest technology. Blockchain is perfect for this. With examples, we will prove to you why the future of this industry is behind the blockchain.

Employee Scheduling Sofware for the MBA School

MBA students do not like waiting: they want the world and they want it now. That is why we developed an employee scheduling software for the biggest Ukrainian MBA schools: to make the workflow immaculate and to reduce redundant and erroneous operations.

Smart Retail. AI Technology Is In Charge

25% of the world's 250 leading retailers are already integrating AI into their organizations. Surprised? We impressed by the speed with which retailers are beginning to understand without smart retail they will soon be forced out of the industry race. AI can increase the return on every aspect of retail, from forecasting to delivering goods to the client and making a profit. We have prepared for you an article on how AI can unlock the potential of your store, based on our expertise in transforming the retail business.

Softengi is Building Partnership with the German Scientific Community

Working with Softengi, German researchers will be able to create productive German-Ukrainian centers of excellence that is why we invite them for cooperation!

3D Building Models Are the Key to Success in the Architectural Business

We can confidently say that nobody is impressed with ordinary drawings, especially investors. We present you a 3D solution for the visualization of architectural project. A feature of the project is the creation of a presentation in a 3D model of the entire complex, rather than individual buildings. The details of such modelling in the article.

Video streaming app for Pocket Radar

The story about the video streaming app development for a leading speed tracking solution provider on the American market. We developed a module utilized for the creation of video recording, slow motion, video cuts, and post-production.

Augmented Analytics IS the Future of Business Intelligence

While newcomers to the market are thinking about how to get information about customers, big players have been doing this for a long time. Large companies have already found a new problem - the massiveness of information. The technology of augmented analytics will help not to drown in terabytes of data. You can read how Softengi does it for our clients in the article.

IoT Solution: Smart Lighting for Retail

How would you describe smart lighting to a child? Smart lighting is the possibility to be a responsible consumer and save money at the same time!

IoT Analytics: Collect, Analyze, and React

IoT technology has long established itself as an integral part of many industries. The main point is data analytics, based on the processing and analysis of large volumes of data. Intelligent visualization of the collected data helps companies make better decisions, increase user experience and develop better business strategies.

Business Automation Software Solutions: Jira+ Slack+ Camunda +Microservices!

Using Jira + Slack+ Camunda we have managed to automate reports generation for C-level managers and delivery directors. Using the same approach we offer microservices automation for seamless workflow and failure notifications!

AI in Healthcare: ML for Bacteria Detection

Did you know that it is possible to identify and categorize bacteria with the help of AI? The results can be staggering: we've trained the model that can detect a bacteria with 99% of accuracy.

3D Building Models Are the Key to Success in the Architectural Business

We can confidently say that nobody is impressed with ordinary drawings, especially investors. We present you a 3D solution for the visualization of architectural project. A feature of the project is the creation of a presentation in a 3D model of the entire complex, rather than individual buildings. The details of such modeling in the article.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development: How to Do It Right

We have prepared for you the material based on our research on the prospects of cooperation with the world leader in the development of e-commerce platforms Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Commerce Cloud is a platform for creating unrivalled sales experience and personalized campaigns. In the article, you will find strengths and some moments that you need to remember when developing on Salesforce.

Softengi accepted into Forbes Technology Council

“We are honored to welcome Softengi CTO, Ilya Gandzeychuk, into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Technology Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

VR Training. Why Is This a Vital Solution For Almost All Business Areas?

In this article, you will find the best, in our opinion, use of VR technology. Namely, the expertise, which is the most effective tool for professional staff training - VR training. The solution helps to increase the training rate of employees by 6 times, enhancing quality instead of losing it. The details of using in various business and industries read below.

Voice Recognition App Is a Must Have in the Spheres Full of Risk

Today we will tell you about the technology that is in almost every pocket. It's called Voice Recognition. But we won't focus on personal assistants and will tell you more about voice checklists in the industries that are characterized by the increased risk of accidents. Healthcare or manufacturing among others. After all, the results of voice checklists implementation are worth applause - an increase in work efficiency by 30%. You will find more ideas and facts in the article.

Interactive Content for Magazine with AR Technology. ZERNO Case.

Marketers can rejoice! In the field of advertising and product promotion, a new method has appeared based on Augmented Reality technology. Interactive advertising. Just look at these statistics: "By 2020, revenue from mobile ar advertising will exceed $ 2 billion." Do you want your marketers to be the first to climb Olympus of AR marketing? Our case will tell you how to do it attractively and effectively.

IoT-based Smart Space Solution

Collecting and analyzing data within the closed space, whether it’s a hospital, a financial institution, or a huge warehouse is challenging but not impossible with IoT.

IoT Security Issues & Modern Ways of Solutions

One of the main issues facing humanity is the issue of security. As the age of technology with numerous smart mobile devices and spaces has come, the issue of security has become even more urgent. Methods and solutions for IoT security are different, let's talk about the most reliable of them in the article below.

Softengi Named a Top Developer in Ukraine

So nice to celebrate small victories! This time, we are proud to announce that the Clutch platform named Softengi a leading IT service provider in Ukraine based on the reviews achieved.

Modernization of Legacy Systems: Embracing the Future

If you still don’t know why to replace old, but still working systems, with new ones, then how do you like these statistics? The new system improved the company efficiency by 34%, elevating customer experience and delivering more value to partners. This case and a few more in our article.

Telemedicine app. How we developed Uber for Medical Services

The leaders of any business, whether it is small, large or medium, obliged to pay impressive sums of money for employees' insurance. Yet, this top technology can reduce the expenditures significantly. Yes, we are talking about telemedicine. Employers can reduce insurance costs by 3 times. You will find evidence of such incredible statistics in the article.

IoT in Retail: Smart Shelves, UAVs and More

Do you want to see the future of shopping? How the retail industry will develop, what new methods and tools will appear and what technologies will be vital. It is not for nothing that 89 % of retailers increased their understanding of preferences and customer behavior thanks to the Internet of Things technology. The article below allows you to verify the choice of these retailers.

Extended Reality is the Future of Community Media

52% of enterprises around the world are developing an XR strategy, and a media industry is no exception. That is why experts claim that the next media revolution is immersive technology, otherwise known as Extended Reality which includes AR, VR, and MR. This technology allows you to attract customers through an interactive experience, improve sales, increase brand awareness. Powerful cases in the article show the incredible perspective of Extended Reality.

Computer Vision for Quality Control

CV-based applications serve to minimize human intervention, optimize operational efficiency, as well as reduce labour costs. These indicators primarily lead to increased profits of the enterprise. If you want to know more what spheres benefit from computer vision for quality control, read the article.

OCR App to Increase the Efficiency of the Logistics Department

Nowadays, every company is trying to get as far away from paper workflow as possible. The digitization process is carried out everywhere. And what will happen if we say that it is possible to increase the number of signed documents by 4 times? After all, documentation is such a big problem in such an industry as logistics. How exactly one application can give impetus to the development of logistics companies is described below.

DevOps Consulting: Trend or Necessity

Increase deployment time by almost 3 times. Myth or reality? DevOps consulting proves that this is a reality. Thanks to the incredible results of using this service, the presence of DevOps department has become an indispensable trend for every company that is configured for real results and profits.

XR for the Digital Twins of the Equipment

We’ve built a digital twin of the equipment for our German partner that produces heavy machinery for drilling. Using MR app, anyone can see a 3D model of this piece of equipment in XR from anywhere at any time.

Softengi Receives Another 5-Star Review on Clutch

We are proud of our team! The results of our effective work were noted by our customers on the Clutch platform.

AR app for Product Configuration

A short visual story about our AR application that solves the problem of the product demonstration for customers. And it doesn’t matter what kind of product it is: a designer sofa, a powerful UAV, or even a prototype of the house on Mars. Only a smartphone is required to work with the AR application. Using AR app sales & marketing managers and technical specialist can show even the bulkiest products to their customers without filling piles of docs for DHL.

Precision Agriculture: IoT Sensors, Drones, and XR to Make Farming Smarter

Do you know that at the moment there is a revolution in the Agricultural Sector? It became possible thanks to the development of Precision Agriculture and the Internet of Things. These technologies can achieve increasing the efficiency and profit more than 25% of any agricultural object, be it a complex of fields, a small greenhouse or a farm. How exactly you should implement new technologies and what exactly should be expected, as a result, read it in the article.

Augmented Reality Retail Trends Disrupting the Industry

In 2020, more than 1 billion people are expected to use Augmented Reality products. The number is staggering. With Augmented and Virtual reality, consumers can easier find needed products and try them before buying. Moreover, navigation powered by Augmented Reality will make it easier to get around huge shopping malls. For customer, the whole shopping experience becomes more engaging and personalized.

Gamification as an Ultimate Engagement Tool

To increase the speed of employees training twice, to raise sales of the product, and most importantly, to enhance the engagement is now possible using one technology. Not even that. Without this technology, it is impossible to achieve all of the above. Every day gamification reveals its breathtaking possibilities. That is why it's necessary to learn how to use it correctly, the most impressive examples can be found in the article.

How Blockchain will Conquer the Renewable Energy Market

It is not a secret for anyone that with each passing day the volumes of electricity consumption is increasing by mankind. At the same time, renewable energy sources are actively being used. The main problem with this type of power generation is the storage of excess energy. An unexpected decision is Blockchain. And how exactly Blockchain copes with this issue is described below.

Remote Assistance for the Manufacturing Equipment

Remote Assistance solution is not the screenshot from Iron Man. It's a modern digital tool that can improve the effectiveness of the equipment assembly and maintenance. Using Remote Assistance employees get the chance to communicate with the top experts remotely fixing the most critical bugs faster.

Chatbot for DevOps Department

Increase team efficiency by 17% as we automate. This incredible result was achieved by our specialists when they launched Chatbot for DevOps Department. The goal was accomplished by improving communication and management, also we automated repetitive actions, increasing the speed of releases. You can read more about it below.

Good UX is Always Research Based

62% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company. That's why the first step in the app development should be a good research We want to show you the full process of UX research using our own product - an electronic document signing system - Deals. Follow us all the way of researching.

System Integration and IoT Devices

The demand of IoT ecosystem gives us an opportunity to create a valuable asset consisting of things, data, processes and people. We possess vast expertise in successful implementation of IoT projects within various industries and areas.

3D Model of an Observer

Creating high poly Observer 3d model for final product presentation

Automotive Industry: XR at the forefront

When buying a car, 70% of the younger generation see emerging technologies and infotainment features extremely useful. The most successful players in the Automotive Industry market are guided by new trends. XR is a leading technology in many aspects of the Automotive Industry, from manufacturing to sales. You can read about additional perks of using XR in the article.

3D Model of the Observer Case Mobile Station

Creation Observer 3D Model of the Mobile Case Station

Computer Vision Software for Def C - UAV

The development of drones is now on top of the popularity of using computer vision technology. And for good reason, because on the basis of the collected data, drones can significantly increase the efficiency of any company.

3D Model XR for Hololens

Creating a 3D model for staff education using mechanism by Hololens

3D Architectural Visualization

Creating photoreal architectural visualization

Camunda for Effective Workflow Automation: 3 Case Studies

We used Camunda to automate the process of employment, payment verification, and the choice of the tender committee. Workflow automation is one of the hottest digitalization trends that can save money & time to businesses.

3D Content for Intecrator Web Site

Creation 3D content for web site

Gamification Examples for Successful Marketing Strategy

Worldwide commercial giant - McDonald's has chosen gamification as the main tool in its communication strategy. Is this not the best argument that gamification is really the hottest trend in modern marketing? Want to learn how to implement gamification in your marketing campaign? Here is the piece of reading for you.

3D Model of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Creation 3D visualization of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Virtual Reality Tour to the Gallery

Modelling gallery from drawing documents for MR prototype and final 3D visualization

IoT Solutions for Electric Power Industry

IoT technology will help to distribute electricity without loss. It will also lead to the qualitative changes in its production and the delivery to the end users. Thanks to IoT, the share of renewable electricity in global electricity production has increased to 8.4%. It has also become possible to use mobile applications for smart electricity metering. We are working on one of them for our partner - Aziot. The most effective IoT solution for EPI sector are better described in the article below.

MVPCast Live Video Streaming App

An application that completely digitizes the sport. In this application, a large number of daring ideas were realized. It became possible to add special highlights right during the game. And even the main problem, a poor Internet connection, has been resolved. What other incredible results in the development of the streaming application we have achieved read below.

Disruptive Technologies in Risk Management: XR/AI

Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence take risk management to the new level – the level of total control. Risk management strategy includes threat prevention, emergency situations simulation in VR, data security and other methods of minimization of potential threats. Many compliance and risk departments have already implemented AI-driven solutions to streamline functions and compliance processes. More insights on this topic in the article below.

Live Video Streaming App & Other R&D Projects of Softengi

Where does exactly the transformation of a daring idea into a meaningful solution take place in an IT company? In the R&D department where experienced software architects create unique solutions using top-notch technologies. We would like to share with you some ongoing projects of our R&D team.

Gamification in the Retail: Turning Shopping into a Game

According to the Harvard Business Review, rise of customer attention by 5% generates a 25%-95% increase in profit. Gamification appears to be a go-to tactic to enhance sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Read about Gamification applications in Retail below.

AI is the Telecom Industry Trend: Automatic, Adaptive, Autonomous

AI-embedded technologies can be a useful tool in the telecommunications industry. Implementation of AI by telco companies resulting in the development of highly personalized products, improved fulfilment processes and enhanced network management, allows telecommunications operators to provide their customers with more attractive services as well as enhance their customer retention.

IoT For Your Business: The Race Is On

It's no secret that the faster your business starts using top-notch technologies, the more stable and more confident will be your market position. IoT is practically first in the transformation list.

Blockchain and the Cloud: Disruption 2.0

Every year the indisputable advantages of the Blockchain will amaze us more and more. Exactly Blockchain is the future of security of data. We present to you the most influential companies working with Blockchain.

Are AI Innovations a Solution to Productivity?

As a profound technology, AI can offer a number of benefits for companies in various industries. Even in the most unexpected. We can easily convince you of that.

Digital Twins - the Start of the Digitalization for Manufacturers

Paradoxically, but manufacturing is the slowest sphere for the digital transformation. Despite the fact that evolution is vital for manufacturers, they often resist studying and implementing innovations.

UI/UX Design for Outsourcing: Good Design is a Good Business

When you see a kid using a mobile app, think about all the work UI/UX designers do to make complex things exceptionally simple.

The Promise of AI Marketing

What does the future have for marketing? Chatbots will revolutionize the communication with clients making it accurate and emotions free. Intelligent searches will finally give customers what they actually want. And predictive intelligence model will finally make personalization

Blockchain is the Answer to the Advanced Security Challenge

According to PwC's Global Fintech Report, by 2020, 77% of Fintech institutes are expected to implement blockchain-based solutions in their production systems and processes, and the share of payment companies using blockchain technology is estimated to reach 90%.

AR for Energy and Utility Sector: Undeniable Benefits

XR in the utility & energy sector has undeniable benefits: service expenses decrease, enhanced maintenance process, more effective remote assistance, higher safety for employees. AR global market revenues for the energy and utility sector will reach US$18 billion. What will this money be spent on?

Gamification for Business. Thanx for Not Treating Games Seriously

Thank you for not treating games seriously. That's how companies expand the clientele and get valuable analytics. And that's how armies hire recruits today. Games are a serious business.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for the Procurement System

Artificial intelligence is a significant driver for economic growth in business. You can say that Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining are just buzzwords but we know that they give tangible results.

AI Solutions for EHS: Safety First

Machine learning, predictive analysis, deep learning are those AI tools that take human error out of workplace and create a truly safe environment. At last.

The Web Portal of Unified State Registers

The Web Portal is being developed to facilitate registrars’ access to multiple registers and improve their performance, as well as to enable citizens to get high-quality administrative services.

National Electronic Registry of Anthropogenic Emissions and Absorption of Greenhouse Gases

In 2004, Ukraine ratified the Kyoto Protocol, under which it needed to implement a national registry system, where the Kyoto units would be held in the name of the government and tracked at all times.

Emission Tracking System. Breakthrough in EHS industry

Helping business worldwide to stay environmentally friendly.

Smart Door - An Application for Automated Door Unlocking

Softengi has created Smart Door System - a solution providing automated door unlocking with the help of fingertip recognition application and installed Hub.

Zeppelin Benefits from a Developed by Softengi Tailor-made Consolidated Data Collection System

Zeppelin is an official dealer of the world famous Caterpillar brand with over 17,000 employees and thousands of units of machinery spread out across seven CIS countries. Softengi’s task was to develop a software system which allowed a significant reduction of the average order processing time.

ExitPoll Automated System

Using the Megapolis.SocialPoll interactive system as a basis, Softengi developed the ExitPoll automated system with a rich functionality allowing to conduct exit polls using mobile devices and present the real-time results.

Lead Management Mobile Application

Softengi developed a cloud-based renewable energy business platform, which allows the company to track, streamline, and automate combinations of its pre- and postsales activities, such as lead generation and management, business administration, and project management.

E-Prescription Information System

Softengi developed an “ePrescription” Information System allowing to store prescriptions and other related records online and have them available at any pharmacy, hospital, or medical institution.

Localization of the EH&S Application

Enviance, Inc., an industry-leading Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) software provider needed to localize their EH&S application to support various languages, including Chinese and Russian, in order to meet the demands of their growing customer base. Softengi managed to do this work.

Photo Inspection Reports Mobile Application

Softengi developed a Photo Inspection Reports Mobile Application, which helps technicians inspect homes (both inside and outside) and structures and streamlines the formation of photo-reports of the premises inspection in order to exclude the human factor from this process.

Meter Reading System

Softengi developed a comprehensive information-analytical system allowing water utility inspectors to easily read meters installed around the city by means of mobile devices.

MSTS – Network and Software Monitoring Solution

Every modern company’s IT Infrastructure incorporates an impressive number of interconnected devices, which generate dozens of events every second. So, it is important to monitor infrastructure operation and detect problems early to prevent disasters and business losses.

The Story of Our Cooperation With the Bank of Georgia: Development of a Web Portal and Document Management Software

In order to discuss the general function of the logo, we must firstly identify and environment define where this will have to fulfill function.

Aziot HOME. A Digital Platform to Transform Living Environment.

Softengi has developed a Connected Digital Home - tool, enabling integration of home ecosystem with digital technologies. The easiest way to have an apartment just in the phone!

Database Migration Is Critical Step in New Website Launching

Assisting a large online booking system to migrate to a new platform with least trouble.

Deals. Comprehensive Document Flow System

Make your e-document flow quick and easy as never before. Deals simplifies document flow, saves expenditures and streamlines business processes.

Voice Controlled Checklist App

Voice Recognition Application can be used within any complex process to manage crucial situations and prevent unexpected outcomes.

Automated Electronic Life Insurance System

The developed by our team automated electronic life insurance system is called to minimize time and costs for insurance processes. The risk calculation is also conducted automatically. 90% of the processes are automated and the need for hard copies is eliminated almost entirely.

Online Logistics Management System: Migration from Cobol to J2EE

The task was to develop an online logistics management system, which could automate processing of orders and invoices from distributors to warehouses worldwide. The task was to migrate from a legacy solution (OpenVMS/Cobol/Jam, undocumented), designed in 1980, to a new modern J2EE platform.

Integration of “Megapolis.Avia” System – a Comprehensive Solution for Civil Aviation

The task was to build a system, a comprehensive solution for civil aviation, which could cover main business processes and services in the field. Another system requirement concerned the compliance of the future solution with the international standards ICAO and EASA adopted in aviation.

DocNet Document Management System

DocNet, a Document Management System, is a comprehensive solution that allows companies to efficiently store various documents. With DocNet, companies can easily process and store business-critical documents, making them accessible at any point throughout the document lifecycle.

IMPACT Anywhere - Web-based Risk Management Solution

Softengi developed IMPACT AnywhereTM - a lightweight ERM web application to replace the client’s legacy solution preserving its compatibility and interoperability on the data level. Gradually, the application also received new functionality and enhancements.

Java Development of the System for Data Aggregation and Report Generation

Our team developed a threefold system for data aggregation, monitoring program activities, and report generation, at the level of Network headquarters and its sub-recipients.

Softengi Creates Smarpay – Cash-free Payment Alternative

There are more than 1800 vending machines located around Switzerland. So, the task was to create a mobile app which would allow searching for a vending machine and making instant payments by sending a text message.

Short-term Loan Portal Custom Back-end Solution

FinaBay approached Softengi when the company was looking for an outsource software development provider for its short-loan project in Russia. FinaBay’s project focused on payday loans. As such, the aim of this service is to grant a person a loan based on the personal information submitted in an online form.

No-code Application Builder

Softengi was involved in implementing a mobile app development platform. The solution is similar to IBM MobileFirst™ and SAP Mobile Platform.

Internet of Things for Manufacturing: Optimization and Rationalization

Manufacturing is undergoing a technological revolution and it is the degree of the implementation of the most innovative technologies, such as IoT and IIoT, will eventually account for whether a company or even a country will prosper or decline

SAP Gamification: Why Software Vendors Enter the Gamification Market

Gamification provides both employees and clients with the positive and engaging experience. Using daily tasks and achievements, businesses manage to increase clients' and employees' retention, loyalty, and engagement. Gamification is getting more and more popular among software vendors for one reason - it does work.

AI in IT. How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming QA

Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword. It really helps. It truly improves. Right here, right now. In the IT industry? Why not!

AZIOT HOME installed in the first 100 apartments!

Our IoT platform AZIOT HOME has been already installed in the first 100 apartments. Now, more than 100 occupants have an opportunity to use our AZIOT HOME Application. Not bad for a start!

7 Reasons Why You Need Data Management Software in EHS

Big Data changes the way business operates in EHS industry. Today companies can capture air emissions data within 5 minutes across hundreds of source locations. Such high performance demands a lot of efforts in collection, deep analytics and efficient management of big data.

How Business Get Measurable Results from Occupational Health Projects

Companies invest a lot in developing & implementing complex occupational health systems. And their goals aren’t just about fostering safe and healthy work environment or preventing hazards at the workplace.

Softengi has sucсessfully completed its work on the project for Haitian government

Together with Chemonics International, our team has been working within the framework of the Haiti Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) Project. Advances of our team have been highly recognized by our reliable partner.

Why should Technology Company go to the Web Summit

Ahead of the Web Summit, Andrey Kovalev tells us, why he is going to Lisbon this year and why it's essential to attend international tech events.

About Continuous Improvement, Robotic Process Automation and Chat Bots

What Andrey Kovalev was speaking about at the international forum BIT 2018.

Softengi saves thousands of trees per year using electronic docflow

For purposes of docflow management, Softengi applies Deals - an online service for signing and exchanging documents. Recently, the service has been acknowledged with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Softengi follows Personal Data Protection Policy to comply with GDPR

Being a member of the Intecracy Group, Softengi operates in the Information Technology field in accordance with provisions of Personal Data Protection Policy.

How Drones Track Wheat Breeding & Inspect Post Disaster Areas

Intecracy Ventures project provides cutting-edge solutions in the aerial industry that can be widely used in various fields of business.

How App Localization Can Bring You More Clients

No matter how cool your application is, it should be localized to meet demands of the growing audience.

How does it look? - Design for IoT Applications

Designing an application is always a challenge, designing an application for the Internet of Things is a double challenge.

Softengi helps E-tender to reach passing of the autotests at Prozorro.Sale

Our team has successfully managed trading platform to implant a number of autotests and thus receive an accreditation in Prozorro.Sale system.

5 TIPS how business can benefit from IoT

Internet of Things is not just about “smart home”. It’s also about “smart office”, and rising efficiency, and reducing costs along with that.

Upgraded version of Aziot Home

Our solution Aziot Home has been improved with more capabilities. Now it stands for your freshness, hospitality and most importantly - your look.

10 Reasons to Write Process Unit-Tests

How can business processes in the IT company be automatically governed? The way out is Process Unit-Testing (PUTs).

The Robotic Process Automation. How no-code/low-code prefix can attract new value-added

How can no-code (ultimately low-code) software robots and no-code / low code application development platforms complement each other and generate value-added? How companies that make RPA solutions can expand their market (occupy other markets)? What are the advantages of such approach?

Softengi created Aziot Lock In System - ALIS

A Connected Digital Platform for Doors Remote Management & Automated Unlocking.

Intecracy Group is an official sponsor of Tennis Tournament in Spain

We are pleased to announce the first Intecracy Open - an international tennis tournament, which will be held on May 15-20 at “Royal Tennis Club” in Marbella, Spain.

Intecracy Group starts long-term cooperation with a worldwide platform for ICOs

We are proud to announce, that Intecracy Group Consortium has become a reliable Partner for Smartlands, a worldwide platform for ICOs of low-risk future-proof tokens issued by real economy companies.

Testing of IoT Applications: Vague results. Complex automation process. Ethics matters.

IoT testing has no evident results, it has complex automation process, testers stand in 50/50% roles correlation with developers, conventional IoT protocols aren’t only applicable. And ethics really matters.

Softengi among the World’s Best Outsourcing Companies again

Softengi has been included in The TOP 100 Global Outsourcing List by IAOP for the fourth time.

Softengi’s specialist awarded as The Best Professional in Quality Assurance

Alexandra Kovalova, Senior Testing Consultant and Head of Training Center at Softengi, has been recognized as The Best Professional in Quality Assurance by Ukrainian IT Awards 2017.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Business Automation Software

“Automate, if you want to compete!” - it’s a motto for successful business today.

Softengi shortlisted in The European Software Testing Awards 2017

Softengi has been named as a Finalist of The European Software Testing Awards 2017 in the category Testing Team of the Year.

Softengi Succeeds as a Reliable Outsourcing Partner for an Australian Company

Mudbath, a full service digital agency from Australia, has recognized Softengi’s advances on development of innovative solutions for numerous customer’s projects.

Virtual Training Assistant (VTA)

At the request of Volia Software, Softengi ported the RISC, Inc. E-Learning system, which was initially developed with Microsoft Visual FoxPro, to Microsoft .NET platform, as well as extended it with the new functionality.

Car Fines Distributed Database based on the Blockchain Technologies

We apply Blockchain Technologies for building Distributed Database of all car fines imposed on the owners of transport means throughout Ukraine.

5 Reasons Why We Use Vue.js to Build Our Products

UBNext, AZIOT, ALIS… These all are our platforms built using Vue.js Framework. Why? Because it’s flexible & easy-to-understand tool making real added value for our solutions.

How business can get measurable results from Occupational Health Projects

Companies invest a lot in developing & implementing complex occupational health systems. And their goals aren’t just about fostering safe and healthy work environment or preventing hazards at the workplace.

Intecracy Open: over 200 matches played, more than 30 finalists awarded.

Sponsored by Intecracy Group, international tennis tournament Intecracy Open has been successfully held on May 15-20 in Spain.

UBCrypto for Crypto Secure Mobile Communications

Be assured in high-level security of your corporate communications via Crypto Secure Mobile Communications. It has never been so simple and easy before.

Palms - Mobile Application for Tennis Tournament

The whole tennis world in one App. Palms is a brand-new experience for Tennis Players, Coaches, Fans, Tournament Organizers, and League Managers.

Softengi has proven its Quality Management System Excellence with ISO 9001 Certification again

Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS has certified, that Softengi’s Management System complies with requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 management system standard.

Softengi's Quality Management System Excellence is verified by ISO 9001 Certification

It is common for an organization to improve the way it operates to achieve conformity with the requirements specified in one of these International Standards and then make further improvements to achieve conformity with the requirements of the other.

How companies can minimize risks of data leak

When you entrust an outsourcing company to develop software for your business goals, you could face one substantial risk: Your data may be leaked. The leaking of highly-confidential and restricted business information can lead to reputational, financial and judicial risks.

Cybersecurity as a step towards Digital Transformation

No matter what size your business is, or which industry you represent, your own and your clients’ confidential and sensitive data are always in jeopardy.

Not by Bitcoin Alone: Blockchain Disrupts the Financial Sector

In recent months, we have seen an ever-growing interest on the part of large companies (e.g., Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, Intel, Cisco) and startups in advancing Blockchain-based products and services. After all, though mostly associated with Bitcoin, or alternative cryptocurrencies, this game-changing technology is not a one-trick pony. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt multiple industries, in particular, the financial sector.

Softengi Selected Again for the 2017 Global Outsourcing 100® List by IAOP®

Softengi, had been included in the Rising Star category of the 2017 Global Outsourcing 100® list by IAOP®

Addressing Localization Challenges and Specifics – Softengi’s Example

Localization of apps, websites, or games is not a mere translation that is performed as if by magic. Usually it is a comprehensive process full of challenges and nuances. Here at Softengi we know how to save a lot of time and effort when localizing software, overcome the common mistakes and problems, and offer tailor-made solutions to consequently receive a fully localized and high quality version of this product.

Softengi obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification

Softengi, is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate for information security management.

IoT Data Analytics Platforms: EV Charging Perspective

Today, Internet of Things (IoT) gains a lot of traction across many industries. Gartner states that, by 2020, 20.8 billion connected devices will be in use, globally. It could therefore be stated that, mass adoption of IoT technology has not only proved its effectiveness but also has become one of the most widespread trends in the advance of information technologies. With the advent of electric vehicles (EVs), a massive challenge of EV charging has been raised. IoT platforms might be a key.

Low-Code Development Platforms – A Sweet Spot for Enterprise Software Development

In today’s highly digitized and rapidly evolving world, no enterprise can do without specialized software developed quickly and at the lowest possible cost. There are two ways to get the application developed: either employ a software development company, or fulfill the task on one’s own by leveraging a low-code development platform with all the necessary embedded features.

Automated Testing Approach: Real Case by Softengi

The Softengi QA Team was engaged to test a very large application both manually and using automated software testing tools. The automated testing portion required much effort, as the large number of autotests needed for smoke testing the application took a lot of preparation. Because of the approach taken, the automated testing conducted helped save tons of time and ensure ROI.

Blockchain – Hot or Not?

Blockchain is one of the most hyped, hotly debated, controversial, and yet promising technologies since the inception of the Internet. Statistics show that for many people the technology is mostly associated with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or alternative cryptocurrencies. However, Blockchain has the potential to trigger a revolution in a significant number of industries.

Softengi Successfully Implements ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Requirements

Softengi, a global software development company, announced that it has implemented the ISO 27001:2013 information security requirements and is ready to start the certification process.

Oh So Necessary Security Testing

We live in an increasingly digitized world. Every company and its employees use software every day and in every aspect of their activities. This software often contains a variety of vulnerabilities which can result in a company’s financial and reputational losses. Fortuately, things are not too bad, because these cyber security threats can be mitigated. The best way out is to always conduct thorough and comprehensive security testing.

Softengi Demonstrates Quality Management System Excellence with ISO 9001 Certification

Softengi, a global software development company, announced that, having fulfilled the Quality Management System requirements, it has once again affirmed its conformity to ISO 9001. According to TÜV SÜD Management Service company, ‘Softengi has established and applies the Quality Management System for: software development, information system implementation & support, IT resources supply, Business process outsourcing and other IT services.’

Softengi Acknowledged by the Project Management Rating 2015

Softengi, a global software development company, announced that, according to the Project Management Rating 2015 it was selected to be in the list of Top-15 companies recognized in the “Impressive Start” category.

Softengi’s Outsourcing Delivery Excellence Recognized In The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP

For the second year in a row Softengi, an outsourcing software developer from Ukraine, was recognized as a Rising Star in the list of the world’s best outsourcing services providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals®. The company was distinguished in the Delivery Excellence Category and honored in 3 sub-lists.

Softengi Shortlisted for the European IT Outsourcing Project of the Year

Softengi, an outsourcing software developer from Ukraine, is shortlisted for the European IT Outsourcing Project of the Year in the European Outsourcing Awards (EOAA) in 2015. The award is annually organised by the The European Outsourcing Association to recognise and celebrate the efforts of companies who have demonstrated best-practice in pan- European outsourcing.

Softengi Named To The Global Outsourcing 100 List Of The World's Best Outsourcers For The Second Time

Softengi was named for the second time in The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100, a list of the world’s best outsourcing service providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP). The list is published by IAOP annually based on strict judging criteria and is an essential tool for the companies looking for a reliable partner for outsourcing service.

Easy Website Localization with Softengi’s Localization Studio

Softengi has delivered its in-house automated solution for localization of enterprise applications – Localization Studio (LocStudio) available for free download. The application has extensive functionality to fully automate the developer’s routine job and simplifies and speeds up localization process tenfold.

Softengi Took Part in the Conference Held by Enviance

Softengi’s Environmental, Health & Safety Business Development Director Took Part in the User Conference Held by Enviance.

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