Gamification App Development

Gamification App Development is one of the most modern ways to move the digital business forward. It creates valuable new experiences for the customers and drives sales. Therefore, gamification is actively applied in many industries. Gamification app development is a concept envisaging the application of gaming techniques in non-game contexts. 

According to Mordor Intelligence’s report, in 2020 the global gamification market was valued at USD 10 ml and is estimated to grow three times more till 2026. Especially due to the fact that gamification is now being actively used in various fields and far beyond its traditional application and not only games.

Triggering engagement and emotional involvement in digital experiences, gamification is fiercely embracing the business world by promoting entertainment, which has become today a powerful innovation driver. 

Gamification App Development Softengi


The most substantial advantages of Gamification Apps Development with Softengi

User Engagement

The gamification app increases users engagement and involvement with the brand, thereby boosting sales and profits of companies applying such apps.

Employee efficiency

Motivating users to pursue certain objectives, gamification applications enhance employee efficiency at the workplace.

Emotional anchors

Gamification App fosters loyalty, drives revenues, and generates more profitable customers. Interaction with an app and its content (products, services, information) is easier, more creative, and inspirational.

Some perks of using Gamification Apps Development:

  • Customer Experience and gamification

The Gamification app development is an effective tool for customer engagement and retention. It valuably improves the customer journey and overall customer experiences. Gamification software serves as a tool and means of encouragement for customers. They become more engaged and interested in products or services, as gamification features are included in the interaction with customers. For example, offering customers rewards for completing valuable tasks is one of the most effective ways to boost company profits. The reward systems of games are all about encouraging users to act in a way that warrants a reward. Other parts of game mechanics can be leaderboards and badges. Gamification is also boosted by AI and IoT, where we, as a software development company, have substantial experience.

  • Employee Engagement

The Gamification Apps we create are the ultimate engagement tools for keeping the workforce engaged for our clients. Gamification is one of the means to catch up and deal with the modern employment challenges and workplace engagement. By using various game-based mechanics such as rewards, progress bars, challenges, and in-game currencies employees are stimulated to keep working towards completing tasks. Moreover, progress bars help companies to gain insight into employee’s progress. 

  • In-store games gamification app development

Gamification applications are also a useful tool for retail companies. Applying gamification into shopping venues allows companies to attract new customers and therefore boost sales. Implementation of in-store games can increase the time spent in a store, generate more new and returning customers, promote brand awareness, as well as accelerate customer acquisition. For instance, a game can include a gamification app, which will require shoppers to scan a QR code at different shopping levels, and as enough QR codes are collected, a customer can redeem them for an online voucher.

Gamification Apps development and engagement
  • Helps collect customer data

We understand how important data is. Gamification apps for business involve collecting statistics. It is one of the simplest ways to receive necessary insights on customer data. For businesses, it helps to collect information about consumer behavior and preferences, their email addresses, and real opinions about a product or service. Quizzes and polls in the interactive app allow you to get valuable feedback from users.


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