Softengi, a global software development company, announced that, according to the Project Management Rating 2015, it was selected to be in the list of Top-15 companies recognized in the “Impressive Start” category.

‘It is an honor for us to be officially acknowledged by ‘Project Management Rating’ since we tend to constantly apply the principles of Project Management while performing software development, quality assurance, or consulting services for our clients,’ stated Ruslan Olkhovsky, Softengi Board Member.

Project Management Rating, carried out once every two years, identifies the list of “mature” companies in the sphere of Project Management. This year, PMI Kyiv Chapter, with the support of the World Association of Project Management and the professional consultant – Spider Ukraine, conducted a selection of the finalists.

About Softengi

Softengi is a global SOFTware ENGIneering services provider. Its goal is to help companies overcome their business challenges with the help of information technologies. Softengi team will gladly assist you if you require: new software to complete a business task, consultation on business processes, technologies, providers, or redesign of an existing IT system. Surprise your partners and customers with outstanding 3D graphics, cutting-edge software solutions, or meticulously performed testing services. Ready for changes? Over 200 professionals in Softengi offices located in Ukraine, the USA, and Western Europe are here to support you.


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