Big Data

Big Data refers to the large amount of structured and unstructured information that is continuously generated by companies. The data can often be obtained from multiple external and internal sources and in various formats, therefore it is almost impossible to process it manually.

Applications of Big Data for business automate this process, extracting and structuring information from constantly incoming data. In essence, applications of Big Data for business are all designed to collect, process, and categorize both structured and unstructured data, extracting valuable insights that humans cannot manually perform. As a result, most areas of human life, from the public sector to manufacturing, can be innovated and optimized. Thus, as volumes of data continue to grow, the demand for Big Data as a service seems to be constantly growing at a rapid pace.

Big Data Softengi


The most substantial advantages of Big Data

Reduced Costs

With Big Data solutions companies can decrease expenses by eliminating human biases and errors.

Enhanced Efficiency

A Big Data software helps analysts to process large amounts of data faster, hence raising a company's overall efficiency. Moreover, such software automates various data-driven tasks, thereby reducing employees’ routine work, allowing them to focus on more valuable assignments.

Improved Agility

Big Data applications streamline business processes as well as enhance team agility, thereby allowing companies to operate faster in the volatile market.

Some perks of using Big Data :

  • Market Monitoring

Gathering information from million data sources, Big Data systems gain real-time insights into current market changes and upcoming trends, thus providing companies with a better understanding of market conditions. As a result, companies can adjust their services and products to customer needs, get ahead of competitors, and find new growth opportunities. Therefore, big data services are essential for any company regardless of its size.

  • Smart Decision-making

With ever-increasing data storage as well as constantly growing computing power, Big Data allows companies to embrace data-driven decision making, enabling them to respond swiftly to occurring problems. With real-time overview, advanced recommendations and in-depth assessments, companies are able to make more informed and effective decisions.

  • Customer Service

Customer experience is vitally important to company growth, however, without data-driven insights and data-powered decisions, it can prove to be highly difficult to enhance. A Big Data-based system allows companies to efficiently analyze customer experience, promoting brand loyalty as well as improving customer retention and their engagement. Social media and CRM systems contain a large amount of data that cover insights into customer journey hurdles. A Big Data software can automatically process this information, revealing all valuable information, which can be used to eliminate vulnerabilities and enhance customer experience in the easiest and most effective way.


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