Web Portal Development

Companies from various business sectors decide to develop web portals for sometimes different purposes.

For example, a governmental institution might want to have a web portal solution to connect its employees working in different regions and consolidate the data flow. A school or a university might want to build a web portal to give teachers and students access to the curriculum and the studying materials. Teachers might have a separate degree of access for managing grades. A multinational clothes brand might want to consolidate the data about their goods for all their employees working in hundreds of different stores using a corporate web portal.

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The most substantial advantages of Web Portal Development

Consolidate Information

Web portal development is the unique possibility to consolidate all sensitive data in one place. For a bank or the insurance company such consolidation is obligatory. All the other businesses receive a change to improve operational activity immensely.


Secure connection is the prerequisite of web portal development.

Data Visualization

To get the most out of the consolidated data it is important to visualize it using modern visualization tools.

The popularity of web portal solutions is explained by their core features: they allow to consolidate valuable information in one place and provide secure access to it via a web browser.

The majority of modern businesses, like this MBA school or a Georgian bank, choose web portal software in order to optimize operational activities, mitigate insecurity risks, and get rid of repetitive processes.

Apart from that, the following characteristics of an effective web portal solutions are important:

1.User -friendly and intuitive UI/UX design for multiple users. As web portal are potentially used by people of different age, gender, and education level, they must be easy to understand and navigate. We used web portal solution for the HRMIS system within the World Bank. 

2.Easy content management. The main purpose of any web portal is to consolidate data, thus, adding, managing and analyzing it should be easy. We use a drag and drop function in web portal solutions to make content management intuitive. 

3.Data visualization. Non-technical specialists should be able to explore and visualize the most valuable data that was accumulated inside the web portal with the help of modern data visualization tools.

4.Table/mobile-friendliness. Mobile applications expand the target audience of any portal thus web solutions must be adapted to smartphones and tablets.

5. Another advantage of  ordering a custom web portal software development services is that the solution will be tailored to your business needs. It will help you attract the right audience to your business and shed light on the industry and services you provide.

6. The web portal development services also include the rebranding of the current website. It will be a good way to make an impact on your visitors and customers by transforming your web pages according to the clients’ needs.


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