Market researchers are constantly working to identify the most trustworthy and effective firms in their focus industry. Within software development, it can be hard to discern which companies truly deliver.

Clutch B2B leaders directory serves as a perfect starting point. By leveraging this platform, we have been able to showcase our exceptional work and distinguish ourselves from other providers.

Time and time again, our partners have felt compelled to let others know about our excellent customer service and wealth of technology expertise. Our most recent review on Clutch, left by the CEO of a business solutions firm, offers even more insight regarding our approach and our impact.

Softengi 5-Star Review on Clutch

For this project, our team leveraged UI/UX research to create a responsive mobile app. We delivered the final product within a short timeline, providing immediate results for our client. The CEO of the firm was pleased with our performance and was happy to share his experience:

“Despite having a short timeframe, we managed to establish a good relationship that influenced the workflow positively.” – CEO, Deals

Another review, left by one of our Ukrainian partners, gives an excellent overview of our expertise regarding IoT development:

Softengi 5-Star Review on Clutch

During this engagement, our team worked closely with an IoT development firm to deliver a set of applications that wirelessly communicate with certain hardware devices. Our client recognized the significant impact of our work and shared that sentiment in the review:

“They delivered hardware and software that was powerful and flexible enough to use to build custom solutions for our clients.” – Business Development Director, Aziot

We are thankful for the positive feedback that we have received from these partners. It encourages us to keep building excellent products that fit the needs of our clients.

In addition to reading our reviews on Clutch, we also encourage you to visit The Manifest, another market research site that lists us among the top AR/VR developers in the UK. The Manifest provides additional information that supplements our review-focused evaluations. We also offer a greater level of detail about our current and former projects on Visual Objects, a visual portfolio site.

If you are looking for a trusted IT company that offers inspiring modern solutions in AI & IoT, we might be the perfect partner for you. Contact our team if you are interested in discussing a potential project. We would love to hear from you.


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