Have you ever seen a 3-year-old boy intuitively opening an app on a tablet? They say that kids are really smart these days. They say that these are indigo kids. In reality, it’s the efforts of the team of experienced UI/UX experts who work closely with developers to make this app appealing & intuitive.

Good design means good business. But is it safe and cost-effective to outsource UI/UX design to an external team?

Successful UI/UX Business Case

    As the world becomes more digitized, the demand for IT software products, such as mobile apps, websites, information tools, etc., increases rapidly. But people don’t need another web and mobile application today. They need easy-to-use and effective applications with immaculate UI/UX. But good UI/UX design is a luxury for many companies today, which is why it is more cost-effective to outsource it. Our UI/UX team can prove it!

    What are the common reasons for outsourcing UI/UX?

    • Reducing cost significantly ( up to 50%)
    • Entrusting the project to a professional team rather than a freelancer/a group of freelancers
    • Minimizing risks of failure with tasks management tools and legal obligations of the design team.
    • Access to professionals of all levels and directions( graphic designers, 3D designers, UI/UX designers, and UI developers) at once.

    UI/UX Has a Paramount Importance. But Can You Outsource UI/UX?

    More and more companies choose to outsource design all over the world because it has become more secure and more controllable. For instance, it is easy to check the company’s portfolio on Behance and to take a look at the reviews of the previous сlients on independent platforms, such as Clutch, before entrusting a design of your web or mobile app.

    That is why UIUX Software Market is growing at a faster pace with substantial growth rates over the last few years, and it is estimated that the market will grow significantly in the forecasted period, i.e., 2021 to 2028.

    What Is UI/UX Design & UI Development?

    Good User Experience (UX) design is the designing process of software product interfaces focused on the end user’s perception of the product. The UX designer’s main goal is to ensure convenience, usability, and logical flow of the information within the application. According to Forbes, high-quality UX is a key factor in showing how companies run a business.

    According to a study by Forrester Research, a well-designed user interface increases a website’s conversion rate by up to 200%, and a good UX design brings the conversion rate up to 400%. It’s true in the case of good UI/UX.

    Good User Interface (UI) design is the designing process of software product interfaces aimed at efficient interaction between the user and the machine. Essentially, it encompasses all the controls, buttons, and elements of the application creating a visual appearance of the product.

    But Why Does Effective UI/UX Matter So Much For the Software Industry?

    Creating software products, developers often forget that they need to make them usable for clients in the first turn. Not for themselves.  

    “When the creators of software-based products examine their handiwork, they overlook how bad it is. Instead, they see its awesome power and flexibility. They see how rich the product is in features and functions. They ignore how excruciatingly difficult it is to use, how many mind-numbing hours it takes to learn, or how it diminishes and degrades the people.”  – Alan Cooper, the Father of Visual Basic.

    Long story short:

    UI/UX Design For Outsourcing

    It is clear that to make things work, a team of designers is needed and that the success of the process will depend largely on the success of the design. After all, users will not be able to assess under the hood of the insurance system, but they will always be able to understand if it is easy to use it.

    Design Process: Main Stages

    1. The process of creating a software product usually starts with a visual design conducted by a graphic designer – it illustrates the idea of what the product must look like.

    2. Next step is to define the way the product operates, and that is the task of the UX designer, who is guided by the aforementioned graphic designer. His/her main responsibilities include conducting user research, information, and interaction design (operation specification of software), primarily focusing on the product’s functionality and usability.

    3. After that, a UI designer compliments it, making it look and respond to the user’s needs. He/she also works on visual and interaction design and is additionally involved in front-end development, which primarily implies designing guidelines for UI developers. It can be said that UI is an inseparable part of UX, and both of them are often referred to as UI/UX design, as they go side by side in designing the product.

    4. During the last stage, the output of UI/UX designers is implemented in the final product by a UI developer, who works in close touch with a UI/UX designer and deals only with front-end and back-end development.

    Here are several cases of effective UI/UX outsourcing from Softengi.

    Nectain. UI/UX for Mobile and Web Application

    Here is the case of Nectain, a modern procurement ecosystem and management solution for retailers. Softengi created a corporate multi-module website with numerous solutions and a unique concept identity for each of them using UI/UX outsourcing.

    With the help of outsourced  UI/UX designers, Nectain developed the concept of visual positioning of Nectain on the market, and established the brand identity of the company, including banners, posters, pallets, schemes, business cards, SMM materials, and presentations. The carried out adaptation of the UI to users’ needs made it more client-oriented and comfortable.

    Costs App UI/UX + Gamification

    Before a release, a team of UI/UX designers conducted research to find out why people uninstall mobile apps soon after using them. Research is a vital part of any good design. Softengi offered alternative methods of data input and fast access to it, as well as elaborated a number of effective features and workflows to keep the user engaged. Gamification of the app was meant to make customers’ experiences more entertaining and improve the level of engagement.  

    COSTS, a convenient, easy-to-operate Softengi-developed mobile app for families and self-employed people, entrepreneurs, housewives, or individuals, was used to create several themes and develop unique sets of stylish icons. To prevent any flaws, a UX test was conducted during each iteration.

    The creation of a digital product that connects business goals to user needs is an extremely complex task. To be able to produce an efficient software product, UI/UX designers must work side by side with developers, complementing each other in the developing process. Such collaboration within an outsourcing company brings significant benefits both for the client and the developing company. So when you see a kid playing with a mobile app as if he is playing with a toy, think about all the work UI/UX designers do to make complex things exceptionally simple. 

    “Good design is good business,” according to the former president of IBM, Thomas J. Watson. Impossible to disagree. 


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