Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a scalable, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce solution. Softengi, having a great experience working with Salesforce, helps retail companies to take advantage of the Salesforce cloud platform, providing its clients with a highly enhanced e-commerce experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Softengi


The most substantial advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud


With its self-service tools, Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows companies to scale up their performance capacities by managing traffic spikes without the need to plan it in advance.

Reduced Ecommerce Complexities

Salesforce streamlines online commerce by providing companies with fasted reorders, smart contract pricing, custom catalogs, as well as account hierarchy.

Mobile E-commerce

Salesforce offers a full suite of mobile-first capabilities to make applications mobile-friendly.

Some perks of using Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Empowerment of Sales Team

Applying Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps sales teams to gain valuable insights into customer preferences in order to tailor sales strategies to customer needs and desires. Giving access to customer data, Salesforce boosts sales by making purchasing recommendations personalized to each customer.

  • Enhancement of a CRM System

Customer Relationship Management is one of the most complex aspects of every business. Salesforce Cloud solution helps companies more effectively manage communication and interaction with current and potential customers, guiding them along the most appropriate path.

  • Extension of Digital Commerce Into Stores

With omnichannel Salesforce approach, Salesforce can help retailers to provide a compelling digital shopping experience for consumers. Leveraging customer data from marketing and sales, the Salesforce platform is able to engage with buyers at any digital touchpoint.


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