Truly global. Most uncertain. More complex.  International Monetary Fund experts claim that “this crisis caused by COVID-19 is like no other”. 

Thus, it needs the response “like no other.”

At Softengi we offer technological solutions to the most complex problems and unique use cases simply because we know how to make technology work. And because we believe in the power of digital transformation especially in critical times.

Due to the pandemic caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 Сentral European Initiative launched an Extraordinary Call for Proposals tackling specific needs at the local level in healthcare, education, and MSMEs. Softengi joined the call offering technological solutions in healthcare that can mitigate the risks of healthcare service providers and speed up the global process of recovery from COVID-19.

The challenges like this one invigorate the Softengi team: our software engineers and architects, business analysts, and QA specialists feel inspired with the possibilities. They brainstorm hundreds of ideas and recall all their experience and expertise to come up with extraordinary IT solutions.

To battle COVID-19 we developed and offered  several relevant IT solutions for healthcare:

  • Online Medical Image Analysis of pneumonia patients with the help of neural networks.

The solution is based on the determination of lung lesion sites using an artificial neural network and the issuance of a result in the form of a snapshot indicating the lesion areas. Using 17k medical images we’ve managed to achieve a 99% accuracy of lesion areas identification. Read more here.

  • Voice Checklist  

A voice checklist app based on voice recognition technology was created for anesthesiologists in order to reduce the number of human mistakes and random actions during medical operations.  Read more here.

The spheres where extraordinary solutions are needed according to CEI include but are not limited with healthcare and telemedicine (MED), education and e-learning/distance learning (EDU), and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

 White Paper: IT Solutions for COVID-19

IT Solutions to COVID-19


  • Mobile/Web Telemedicine Apps for remote consulting. The solution that can alleviate the burden of face-to-face consulting for millions of doctors around the world and make online consulting ( video, audio, chat) secure and effective for patients who need the most right now. 
  • A Chatbot for Preliminary Diagnostics. The solution that can provide patients “googling” their symptoms with the preliminary diagnostics on the basis of the biometric parameters.
  • Bacteria Identification & Classification with CV/ML. A unique technological solution from Softengi which makes medical equipment smarter helping to define the pathogenic bacteria with the 95% accuracy using Computer Vision and Machine Learning. 
IT Solutions to COVID-19
  • Augmented Reality tool for Remote Medical Consulting. A solution that combines augmented reality with the telehealth app offering an additional tool for more precise diagnostics.

Technology is the ultimate resource for the adaptation to the new changes, we always knew it and we are offering our consulting services now to any company that needs to “evolve” today


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