Softengi follows the Personal Data Protection Policy to protect the personal data of its employees, clients, and suppliers in accordance with applicable requirements of Ukrainian legislation, international laws and regulations.

Main principles of our Personal Data Protection Policy:

  • Personal Data must be processed legally, reasonably and transparently.
  • It must be collected and processed in the future only for certain and legitimate reasons.
  • The Volume of PD must be adequate, important and be limited to the purpose of why it has been collected.
  • Personal Data must be correct, factual and original. If Personal Data is not relevant, it must be deleted or corrected immediately.
  • PD must be stored in a form that allows the identification of the person, but only during the period that is necessary for processing the PD for such purposes.
  • Personal Data must be processed in a way that provides the client’s safety, protection from unauthorized processing, accidental loss and damage by taking appropriate technical and organizational measures.


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