Why do Businesses Need Video Analytics?

Video analytics software allows businesses to transform data into a real tangible asset for the company, automate repetitive operations, and reduce operational costs enormously. Being some of the top AI companies, according to Clutch, we know how to empower businesses with Video Analytics solutions that work.

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    Tangible Benefits of Video Analytics for Every Business regardless of the Industry

    1.  Accuracy up to 99,9% with Video Analytics Software

    The majority of tasks related to quality control, inspection, and surveillance are performed by people. And people make mistakes because they are exhausted or distracted. This never happened to video analytics software. The more data it consumes, the better results it provides. And, yes, it is possible to reach 99,9% accuracy like in this business case of medical image analysis for bacteria detection.

    2. Automation of Boring Repetitive Actions

    Advanced video technologies allow detecting the smallest motions at different levels of sensitivity. Additionally, if an object is to be removed or changed, video-based analytics programs can do it by altering video content if needed. 

    3. Enhancement of Human Labour

    Companies that use video analytics software do not need to assign personnel to control and monitor video footage: it is done automatically and with the highest possible degree of accuracy. In case of computer vision for drones it means that it is possible to analyze remote and hard-to-reach areas.  The combination of AI video analytics software with web/mobile applications will be most efficient and user-friendly. The system will automatically send a notification each time a breach or anomaly is detected.

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    Softengi has experience with Video Analytics Software in the following industries

    Healthcare & Pharmaceutics

    Video Analytics can be used in Pharma & Medicine for medical image analysis. MRI images, images with bacteria/viruses: anything where human eyes are not enough for the most accurate verdict.

    Retail & eCommerce

    Using intelligent video analytics retailers get insights about what is going on in their stores: the level of satisfaction of their clients,  heatmaps of the stores, time of queues.

    Real Estate and Construction

    Using video analytics to decrease the number of accidents at the real estate & construction sites.

    Transportation & Logistics

    Using video analytics for transportation and logistics it is possible to read plates of the cars automatically, determine the types of the car

    Utilities and Energy

    Using video analytics and drones footage energy & utility companies can prevent many accidents before they happen


    Using video analytics for quality control in manufacturing can decrease сounterfeit products significantly and automate many EHS processes.

    Cases of Video Analytics


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