Video Analytics

We live in an era of big data when analytics has become an essential element accounting for business success.

Video analytics refers to a camera-based software, which can analyze video output by breaking the video footage down pixel by pixel and analyzing the smallest changes in the picture. 

While our team working on the MVPCast Live Video Streaming App Project, we developed the capabilities of this technology and got an amazing result.

Video AnalyticsSoftengi


The most substantial advantages of using Video Analytics

Real-time monitoring

The software monitors and analyzes video output in real time with no time lag.

Reduction of labour costs

Companies that use video analytics software do not need to assign personnel to control and monitor video footage. The system automatically sends a notification each time a breach or anomaly is detected.


Video-based systems provide insight into what clients are watching and how they interact with content by measuring their habits, preferences and engagement time.

Some additional perks of using Video Analytics:

1.   In-depth Analysis

By using different algorithms, advanced video analytics can handle large amounts of data, accurately analyze them and provide actionable insights into clients preferences. Disclosed information can be used for enhancing user experience and applying it for the development of better business strategies

2. Motion and object recognition 

Advanced video technologies allow detecting the smallest motions at different levels of sensitivity. Additionally, if an object is to be removed or changed, video-based analytics programs can do it by altering video content if needed.  


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