Gamification in Healthcare: Mobile Apps for Education and Controlled Treatment

Gamification helps to start perceiving treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation as a game. It can improve patient compliance: taking pills will give ...

Augmented Reality Shopping: A Brave New Customer Journey

Previewing and trying products in AR before purchase as well as configuring items in AR product configurators before the actual buying can lead to ...

Retail Trends 2023

We prepared a great article for you about trends in the retail industry in 2023. You will see that retailers have to become smart in order to stay ...

Gamification as an Ultimate Engagement Tool

To increase the speed of employees training twice, to raise sales of the product, and most importantly, to enhance the engagement is now possible ...

Gamification Examples for Successful Marketing Strategy

Worldwide commercial giant - McDonald's has chosen gamification as the main tool in its communication strategy. Is this not the best argument that ...

Gamification in the Retail: Turning Shopping into a Game

According to the Harvard Business Review, rise of customer attention by 5% generates a 25%-95% increase in profit. Gamification appears to be a go-to ...

Gamification for Business: Thanks for Treating Games Seriously

"Thank you for treating games seriously." That's how companies expand the clientele and get valuable analytics. And that's how armies hire recruits ...

SAP Gamification: Why Software Vendors Enter the Gamification Market

Gamification provides both employees and clients with the positive and engaging experience. Using daily tasks and achievements, businesses manage to ...

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