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Over recent years, blockchain technology has been gaining a lot of traction. The reason is straightforward – it is trust. In an era of data breaches, massive hacks, and digital frauds,  by using privacy-preserving computation (PPC) techniques blockchain provides its users with more security and protection.

Blockchain App Development Softengi


The most substantial advantages of Blockchain App Development


Each transaction is recorded in the form of a block, which is fully encrypted, and thus impossible to hack.


Security enables better transparency. Users can track every single process or operation, thereby excluding any fraudulent activity.

Identity Protection

Identities of users are secured with secret encryption key, so that an unauthorized user cannot misuse blockchain-based data

Some perks of using Blockchain App Development:

  • Complex Digital Ledger System 

Blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger providing digital information that is available to all users of the network. In essence, it is a distributed data system that anyone can join or leave at will. Whenever any data get altered, the change is transmitted to all «blocks» of the ledger chain, which makes it always traceable. This immutable nature of blockchain-powered apps makes it safe from falsified information and hacks

  • Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts, the conditions and instructions of which are recorded in the form of a code. The code is placed in a blockchain network, eliminating the need of managing it manually. Smart contracts can be accessed by all parties through a decentralized system. Any attempts to change the contract could be rejected and all stakeholders will be automatically informed. Such networks connect companies with their clients in a shared system, allowing them to speed up transfer processes, enhance the accuracy of transactions and offer most competitive prices for their services.

  • Smart Assets Management

Transactions of assets performed on a blockchain overcome the challenge of dispute resolutions as well as reduce the time needed to tackle discrepancies in data sets. The blockchain-powered technology makes it possible to record and update information about assets in digital form. Smart Asset Management does not only record the assets’ movement but is also able to trace the asset within the whole movement-cycle.


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