Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence consulting is the unique possibility to unleash the whole data potential of your business.

Artificial Intelligence

We have a broad expertise in AI: big data collection, data mining, predictive analysis, machine learning, chatbots. Everything to orchestrate your digital transformation.

Internet of Things

Through implementation of IoT solutions, we boost productivity, enhance reliability, save time and generate new revenues for your business.


Custom software development is the core of our business. We work with legacy systems and create enterprise apps from scratch. With more than 1K+ projects in our portfolio, we are sure how to build your software as well.

Extended Reality (VR/AR/MR)

VR/AR/MR are so much more than gaming as they are transforming the industries from within. With these technologies businesses can reduce costs, improve operations, and visualize even the most complex data.


UI/UX is undeniably the most important part of development because it connects apps with actual users.


3D modeling is indispensable in many areas of product development or service sales. Creating 3D models is used to demonstrate and develop a product, be it presentations, games, equipment, or even entire cities. Take a look at our 3D modeling portfolio if you are choosing a vendor.

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