Business Intelligence Consulting

Business Intelligence consulting is the unique possibility to unleash the whole data potential of your business.

Artificial Intelligence

We have a broad expertise in AI: big data collection, data mining, predictive analysis, machine learning, chatbots. Everything to orchestrate your digital transformation.

Internet of Things

Through implementation of IoT solutions, we boost productivity, enhance reliability, save time and generate new revenues for your business.


As a decentralized and distributed database, blockchain is changing the approach of enterprise apps to the design & development. We create distributed and autonomous solutions for businesses that make a real impact using blockchain as a core.


VR/AR/MR are so much more than gaming as they are transforming the industries from within. With these technologies businesses can reduce costs, improve operations, and visualize even the most complex data.


Gamification is the ultimate solution for two major problems today: engagement and efficiency. Gamified business applications boost the user engagement and dramatically increase efficiency.


3D technology is indispensable in many areas of product development or service sales. Creating 3D models is used to demonstrate and develop a product, be it presentations, games, equipment, or even entire cities. Also, without 3D modeling, it is impossible to create AR/VR applications.

UI/UX Design

From the very project outset, we integrate analytics and user research with our design best practices to embody your boldest ideas in the game-changing and powerful UI/UX Design.

Digital Transformation Consulting

By harnessing innovation, digital transformation consulting, and meaningful insights our passionate consultants will navigate you through your business transformation agenda to success.

Architecture & Code Review

Our proficient architects and developers will meticulously review the architecture and code of your software finding its tiniest bottlenecks, thus helping improve its quality and security.

Cutting-Edge Software Development

Top-notch, state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and reliable custom software developed by our team will give you a competitive edge and help you strengthen position in the Digital Era market.

Independent Software Testing

Independent software testing conducted by our certified testing team based on proven methodologies and techniques will uncover defects of your software ensuring its quality and usability.

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