AI-Enhanced Approach to Software Development

Softengi transforms software engineering, task automation, workflow optimization, and time to market with its innovative AI-enhanced development approach.


Building a marketplace allows businesses to house multiple suppliers and service providers in one place. A robust online marketplace improves a brand image and facilitates client loyalty. With a metaverse twist added to the mix, Softengi offers innovative marketplace development service honed by 25+ years of experience.

Metaverse Development

Take a step into the Web 3.0 with Softegi and our metaverse services. We have deep expertise in XR and AI solutions. That’s why we will open new opportunities for your business. 

Team Augmentation

We’ve built the infrastructure that consists of people, processes, and procedures for effective team augmentation. We sourced top talents to the companies from Fortune 500 list and made it work.

With our 5-step process and constant support, team augmentation is transparent and predictable.

Team augmentation with Softengi is the guarantee of support in an emergency situation.

Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR)

Softengi, as Extended Reality Software Development Company, was included in the list of top 15 Virtual & Augmented Reality Developers leadership matrix by the B2B platform Clutch based on clients’ votes in 2021. We develop VR/AR/MR apps that disrupt established ways of value creation.

Artificial Intelligence

Being one of the top AI companies according to Clutch & IAOP, Softengi sees the incredible potential of this technology for various business sectors.  Our AI team builds custom solutions that disrupt the ways companies do business.

Internet of Things

Softengi was chosen #1 IoT development company in 2021 according to clients’ reviews on Clutch. We build IoT solutions that boost productivity, enhance reliability, and generate new streams of revenue for your business.


Our design team completed 100+ projects in UI/UX for companies from 43 countries of the world. We use the best design practices, methodologies, and the latest approaches.


3D modeling is indispensable in many areas of product development or service sales. Creating 3D models is used to demonstrate and develop a product, be it presentations, games, equipment, or even entire cities. Take a look at our 3D modeling portfolio if you are choosing a vendor.


Software engineering is our core specialty. Being on the market for more than 20 years, we have completed more than 1000+ projects in custom software development: complex high-load systems and intuitive apps for ambitious startups.

Information Security

Digital attacks have been growing significantly in their sophistication and complexity, so, today, it is important to apply advanced information security solutions to promptly identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats, taking measures before problems occur.

Ecological Consulting Services

Today ecological consulting services are in demand among socially responsible & sustainable businesses as well as governments of the leading countries. The ecological consulting market is getting bigger, and its most essential sub-services, such as greenhouse gas accounting or net-zero emissions, are regarded as a standard requirement for any successful country or company. 

Business Intelligence Services

Using the services of Business Intelligence consulting company is the unique possibility to unleash the whole data potential of your business.

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy system modernization, thus, is more than just a whim, it’s a financial investment into the company’s sustainability. When facing legacy system modernization, there are several options: rehost, rebuild, and platform. At Softengi we’ve learned how to use all three approaches to make the legacy system modernization seamless.

Mobile App Consultancy

We do not only build mobile apps, we provide the infrastructure that consists of people, processes, and procedures, effective communication.

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