The Intecracy Open is a tennis tournament that will take place on the 15-20 of May at the Sports Complex in Marbella, a famous sports venue, which has recently hosted Davis Cup 2018.

The match will be held for the following categories: Men’s singles, Woman’s singles, Men’s doubles, Woman’s doubles, Mixed doubles, and Coach Cup. There are invited professional coaches for judging.

The official ceremony of tournament opening for directors of tennis clubs of Spain and other countries, as well as media, will be held on the 12th of May and accompanied by a presentation of the digital application Palms for tennis tournament management.  

The closing ceremony will take place on the 20th of May with awarding winners and awardees.

You are expecting many pleasant surprises. Stay tuned for updates.

You can register for the event at the Intecracy Open website here. 

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See you in Marbella!


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