Cloud IoT Platform Integration

Internet of Things (IoT) applications mostly involves a significant number of connected devices, that generate a large amount of data. Embedding cloud computing allows to save, store, and share data smoothly. Cloud computing stores information on a virtual server, providing its users with remote access to app data, regardless of their location.

Cloud IoT Platform Integration Softengi


The most substantial advantages of Cloud IoT Platform Integration

Data Management

An IoT cloud-based system connects devices and sensors to powerful data acquisition and analytics applications in the cloud, which can then process the produced data.


Using the cloud, companies can rapidly scale up and down their performance capacity.

Improved Operational Processes

Leveraging cloud capabilities in your IoT app will allow you to effectively harness important data and turn it easily to valuable insights, which will result in costs and time saving and improve overall operational management.

An additional perk of Cloud IoT Platform Integration:

  • IoT sensor nodes and cloud app development

By using CoAP, MQTT, AMQT, Node, Websocket Softengi provides secure and robust interface development intended to apply the cloud to IoT applications. The application, continuously monitored by the cloud system gives an alert in case any problem including connectivity occurs. Applying a secured handshakes mechanism for data transfers between IoT sensors nodes and the cloud system allows optimizing the storing of large volumes of data, sharing it with minimum latency as well as prevent data tampering at the network level.


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