Enterprise App Development

Today, mobile applications are among the most powerful tools for businesses. They allow to enhance the company infrastructure, optimize business processes and boost sales of products or services. According to Gartner, by 2020 mobile apps are predicted to become the key drivers of business success.

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The most substantial advantages of Enterprise App Development

Optimization of communication processes

Today’s enterprises have entered the age of connected devices, which makes it possible to bridge the gap between a company and its clients. Mobile apps use both internal and external communication channels helping to improve interaction with clients, partners, and employees.

Sales increase

Since over 2.7 billion people dispose smartphones or similar devices, mobile apps have become an important tool for companies to boost sales. A well developed app can increase customers' interaction and engagement.

Data security

In the age of Big Data, it is very important to secure the company’s data. Deploying an enterprise app helps to manage data in a more conscious way, as well as protect customers and employees information.

Some perks of using Enterprise App Development

1.   Optimization of  internal business processes

According to The Guardian, enterprise applications enhance worker productivity by more than 34%. Using them as a channel of internal communications, companies can enhance B2B interaction with partners, remote staff, providing them with insights into the current situation. For instance, employees of a client company can send requests to warehouses, have a look at their balances or current prices, handle incoming requests or complaints irrespective of their location.

Enterprise applications will help to enhance the work of the departments within a company. Regardless of the type of company,  a significant number of logistics tasks, like pre-order, reservation, or delivery can be handled in a more efficient and faster way .

An enterprise app offers a transaction management system that contributes to client engagement and more efficient customer service.By deploying an enterprise app, employees can boost transaction coordination by using task assignments and deadline tracking.

2.   Building recognition and the brand

An effective mobile strategy can significantly contribute to an increase of  brand awareness. As more and more people move towards the Internet, connected devices, and mobile applications today, introducing a personal mobile app can help one generate user excitement, thus adding to the brand’s popularity and growth. The more often customers get involved with a particular app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy the respective  product and/or service.

3.    Sales optimization

No matter whether you are selling shoes or food delivery services, your clients need to have a way to reach you. A mobile app is a tool to keep  customers up to date, sending push notifications about current news, discounts, and events. This helps increase sales and revenue of a business. An app allows to promote new products or services based on their recent purchase or interest ratings.

Moreover, an app can provide analytical insights in the form of detailed reports, which will help develop better planning, collaboration and needed follow-ups in order to enhance clients retention and employees productivity.


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