Sustainable Home for 200 Families: IoT for Tenants & Landlords

Sustainable homes help to decrease the consumption of resources, provide tenants/landlords with safety and security, and allow them to save money. In other words, sustainable homes have positive environmental, social, and economic impacts ( planet, people, profit sustainability formula).

Automated Electronic Life Insurance System

Driven by top technology, we structured the criteria and developed concepts of solutions. The automated electronic life insurance system is aimed to minimize time and costs for operational processes.

Lending Software Development Portal Case Study

FinaBay, the fin-tech industry market player, approached Softengi when the company was looking for an outsource software development provider for its short-loan project. To ensure the stability and reliability of the loan issuing system, Softengi improved the business continuity by ensuring that FinaBay received correctly decoded information from potential customers and can provide timely answers for each request.

DevOps: Efficient Production Environment

Softengi developed an E-Procurement system based on AI for Nectain. In order to realise business requirements more quickly and ensure system resilience, Softengi assigned a team of DevOps professionals, who significantly accelerated the delivery of software features and updates in alignment with the Customer’s business objectives.

The Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting

As the world becomes more digital and the demand on efficient technological innovations is constantly rising, the public sector strives to digitize and automate its services, providing citizens with more effective and convenient ways to get needed help or complete required procedures. Softengi developed an E-Crime System on the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan. The system provides a unified procedure for receiving, recording and processing offence and crime reports.

AR App for Shopping Centers

Introduction of Gamification into the shopping experience is not a new concept, but a very effective solution not only from the perspective of sales, but also from the marketing and advertising side. Softengi developed an AR app for shopping centers. ARCoin is a location-based mobile game for iOS/Android with AR technologies and a web CMS system.

A Matching App for Customers and Local Suppliers

Softengi developed a wishlist app with matching algorithms for Payris, a company focused on supporting local businesses by matching them with appropriate consumers. The application provides Payris’s users with the ability to match with tailored offers from local vendors, getting needed products and services in the neighborhood and earning cash rewards for taking preference surveys.

Transaction Categorization System for a Finance Service Company

Data Science in Finance enables companies to better manage available data and actually benefit from it. Softengi developed ML-powered algorithms that are able to classify financial transactions in various categories, and, as a result, derive valuable information from sales receipts, packing slips and purchase confirmations.

Computer Vision Software for Drones in Utility Sector

Surveillance drones are becoming more common today. This reduces errors, is cost effective, improves accuracy and reduces workload. But drones are not the only technology: the use of machine learning + computer vision can significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of terrain monitoring.

AI Procurement Software for Nectain

The rising demands on cost reduction, speedy workflow, and risk mitigation are putting high pressure on sourcing and procurement departments to deliver most value. Softengi developed an e-procurement system based on Artificial Intelligence for Nectain.

Desktop and Mobile App Design for Online Gambling Software

A well-developed product with an extensive and useful functionality is only 50% of success, the rest of it comes from an appealing design, user-friendly interface, and pleasant user experience. Softengi has developed a desktop and mobile app design for Neccton, making its applications well-structured, intuitive, and convenient to use.

UX/UI Design for PEAK 15

As the world becomes increasingly digital, more and more IT software products emerge in the market. Competition is fierce, and consumers are becoming more demanding of IT software products. Today, customers do not just want a good service, they want an experience. Softengi has optimized the PEAK 15 CRM solution with greater UI/UX design to make it more appealing and user-friendly for PEAK 15's customers.

Joint Information Platform for Natural Hazard

Softengi has developed a portal of the Unified Complex Monitoring and Forecasting System (UCMFS) on request of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic sponsored by the World Bank. The web platform solution is a complex geo monitoring and forecasting tool, which enables specialized authorities to share valuable information, forecast natural hazards and cooperate in research and the event of an emergency.

Lab Processes Orchestration for MicroTechnix

Creating lab automation and orchestration process for MicroTechnix we helped the company to reduce the operational time and reduce the number of possible human-made errors. The automation of repetitive tasks made it possible for many employees to work on more creative tasks.

IoT in Oil & Gas: Asset tracking with RFID, GPS, and QR Codes

IoT for warehouse or asset management is a wise solution in a post-COVID world where human contacts are limited and there is a need to transfer the information fast. There are numerous different technologies that make asset tracking with IoT possible: RFID, QR codes, GPS tracking. All these technologies can be interchanged depending on the needs of the client and the environment.

IoT Solution for COVID: Augmented Office for Softengi

When we're looking for reliable IoT solutions for Covid-19 we understood that our own office needs improvement. That is how we created a virtual office.

AI in Pharma: Defects Detection with Computer Vision

The traditional manufacturing process of drugs seems risky today: it involves the possibility of human-made errors and it is not cost-effective in terms of time spent on the verification. Machine learning and computer vision for quality control are slowly becoming a reliable alternative to traditional operations. 

IoT- Based Solution for COVID: Biometric Access Control

Social distancing control is a global challenge that can be easily solved with the help of technologies. Using IoT solutions for COVID, businesses can achieve high level of face mask detection and the temperature measurement. They can easily deny access to the infected people protecting others from the pandemic. Biometric access control is a cost-effective investment for any business today.

Object Character Recognition Technology for Scriptum

For Scriptum, a secure platform for the digital business transformation we created a unique design system that can improve the speed of development immensely and have also implemented object character recognition technology to make the process of document processing fast and effective.

Web Portal Development: Communication & Collaboration Platform

Softengi has developed a web portal solution for a public sector with content management, search, forms creation, and survey modules to ensure the most effective level of communication and collaboration inside the company.

Digital Twin Technology for Facility Monitoring

Digital twin technology for facility monitoring is the possibility to obtain the most accurate information about any environment from IoT sensors and stream it directly to the digital twin.

AI-Powered Online Learning Platform for an NGO

Remote education is the current trend, luckily, IT has a lot to offer. Learning management systems development in all their variations: online platform development, document management systems, scheduling software, is the best solutions for remote teaching and studying.

HR System Software Development for a World Bank Program

Developing custom HR software is investing in your company's most valuable resources: employees.

Power BI Services for a Lab Process Automation Company

Power BI is a powerful tool that translates data into value for a company empowering even non-technical specialists with the information helping them to make data-driven decisions.

Computer Vision for Quality Control in Retail

Computer Vision and Machine Learning open new possibilities for retailers. Spotting "empty shelves", finding the right product from the catalog, determining fake/counterfeit goods is efficient when it is done with the help of AI.

WebAR + Telepresence App for Retail

Augmented reality for retail combined with telepresence is the guarantee of zero buyers' remorse: they see what they are buying and get professional consulting.

Medical Chatbot for Preliminary Diagnosis

43% of people google their symptoms and misdiagnose themselves. With the medical chatbot created on the basis of a reliable database of symptoms from a trusted clinic millions of patients can receive more accurate preliminary diagnosis. Yet, a visit to a doctor is a must.

Platform Development for a Biotech Company ADAM

Biotech industry is revolutionizing healthcare, and our cooperation with ADAM, one of the most promising American biotech startups, is another evidence of the rise of this sphere.

Employee Scheduling Sofware for the MBA School

MBA students do not like waiting: they want the world and they want it now. That is why we developed an employee scheduling software for the biggest Ukrainian MBA schools: to make the workflow immaculate and to reduce redundant and erroneous operations.

3D Building Models Are the Key to Success in the Architectural Business

We can confidently say that nobody is impressed with ordinary drawings, especially investors. We present you a 3D solution for the visualization of architectural project. A feature of the project is the creation of a presentation in a 3D model of the entire complex, rather than individual buildings. The details of such modelling in the article.

Video streaming app for Pocket Radar

The story about the video streaming app development for a leading speed tracking solution provider on the American market. We developed a module utilized for the creation of video recording, slow motion, video cuts, and post-production.

IoT Solution: Smart Lighting for Retail

How would you describe smart lighting to a child? Smart lighting is the possibility to be a responsible consumer and save money at the same time!

Business Automation Software Solutions: Jira+ Slack+ Camunda +Microservices!

Using Jira + Slack+ Camunda we have managed to automate reports generation for C-level managers and delivery directors. Using the same approach we offer microservices automation for seamless workflow and failure notifications!

AI in Healthcare: ML & CV for Bacteria Detection

Did you know that it is possible to identify and categorize bacteria with the help of AI? The results can be staggering: we've trained the model that can detect a bacteria with 99% of accuracy.

3D Building Models Are the Key to Success in the Architectural Business

We can confidently say that nobody is impressed with ordinary drawings, especially investors. We present you a 3D solution for the visualization of architectural project. A feature of the project is the creation of a presentation in a 3D model of the entire complex, rather than individual buildings. The details of such modeling in the article.

Interactive Content for Magazine with AR Technology. ZERNO Case.

Marketers can rejoice! In the field of advertising and product promotion, a new method has appeared based on Augmented Reality technology. Interactive advertising. Just look at these statistics: "By 2020, revenue from mobile ar advertising will exceed $ 2 billion." Do you want your marketers to be the first to climb Olympus of AR marketing? Our case will tell you how to do it attractively and effectively.

IoT-based Smart Space Solution

Collecting and analyzing data within the closed space, whether it’s a hospital, a financial institution, or a huge warehouse is challenging but not impossible with IoT.

Telemedicine app. How we developed Uber for Medical Services

The leaders of any business, whether it is small, large or medium, obliged to pay impressive sums of money for employees' insurance. Yet, this top technology can reduce the expenditures significantly. Yes, we are talking about telemedicine. Employers can reduce insurance costs by 3 times. You will find evidence of such incredible statistics in the article.

OCR App to Increase the Efficiency of the Logistics Department

Nowadays, every company is trying to get as far away from paper workflow as possible. The digitization process is carried out everywhere. And what will happen if we say that it is possible to increase the number of signed documents by 4 times? After all, documentation is such a big problem in such an industry as logistics. How exactly one application can give impetus to the development of logistics companies is described below.

XR for the Digital Twins of the Equipment

We’ve built a digital twin of the equipment for our German partner that produces heavy machinery for drilling. Using MR app, anyone can see a 3D model of this piece of equipment in XR from anywhere at any time.

AR app for Product Configuration

A short visual story about our AR application that solves the problem of the product demonstration for customers. And it doesn’t matter what kind of product it is: a designer sofa, a powerful UAV, or even a prototype of the house on Mars. Only a smartphone is required to work with the AR application. Using AR app sales & marketing managers and technical specialist can show even the bulkiest products to their customers without filling piles of docs for DHL.

Remote Assistance for the Manufacturing Equipment

Remote Assistance solution is not the screenshot from Iron Man. It's a modern digital tool that can improve the effectiveness of the equipment assembly and maintenance. Using Remote Assistance employees get the chance to communicate with the top experts remotely fixing the most critical bugs faster.

Chatbot for DevOps Department

Increase team efficiency by 17% as we automate. This incredible result was achieved by our specialists when they launched Chatbot for DevOps Department. The goal was accomplished by improving communication and management, also we automated repetitive actions, increasing the speed of releases. You can read more about it below.

IoT for Towers Monitoring in Telco Industry

The demand of IoT ecosystem gives us an opportunity to create a valuable asset consisting of things, data, processes and people. We possess vast expertise in successful implementation of IoT projects within various industries and areas.

3D Model of an Observer

Creating high poly Observer 3d model for final product presentation

3D Model of the Observer Case Mobile Station

Creation Observer 3D Model of the Mobile Case Station

Computer Vision Software for Def C - UAV

The development of drones is now on top of the popularity of using computer vision technology. And for good reason, because on the basis of the collected data, drones can significantly increase the efficiency of any company.

3D Model XR for Hololens

Creating a 3D model for staff education using mechanism by Hololens

3D Architectural Visualization

Creating photoreal architectural visualization

3D Content for Intecrator Web Site

Creation 3D content for web site

3D Model of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Creation 3D visualization of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Virtual Reality Tour to the Gallery

Modelling gallery from drawing documents for MR prototype and final 3D visualization

MVPCast Live Video Streaming App

An application that completely digitizes the sport. In this application, a large number of daring ideas were realized. It became possible to add special highlights right during the game. And even the main problem, a poor Internet connection, has been resolved. What other incredible results in the development of the streaming application we have achieved read below.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for the Procurement System

Artificial intelligence is a significant driver for economic growth in business. You can say that Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Mining are just buzzwords but we know that they give tangible results.

The Web Portal of Unified State Registers

The Web Portal is being developed to facilitate registrars’ access to multiple registers and improve their performance, as well as to enable citizens to get high-quality administrative services.

National Electronic Registry of Anthropogenic Emissions and Absorption of Greenhouse Gases

In 2004, Ukraine ratified the Kyoto Protocol, under which it needed to implement a national registry system, where the Kyoto units would be held in the name of the government and tracked at all times.

Emission Tracking System. Breakthrough in EHS industry

Helping business worldwide to be environment-friendly.

Smart Door - An Application for Automated Door Unlocking

Softengi has created Smart Door System - a solution providing automated door unlocking with the help of fingertip recognition application and installed Hub.

Zeppelin Benefits from a Developed by Softengi Tailor-made Consolidated Data Collection System

Zeppelin is an official dealer of the world famous Caterpillar brand with over 17,000 employees and thousands of units of machinery spread out across seven CIS countries. Softengi’s task was to develop a software system which allowed a significant reduction of the average order processing time.

ExitPoll Automated System

Using the Megapolis.SocialPoll interactive system as a basis, Softengi developed the ExitPoll automated system with a rich functionality allowing to conduct exit polls using mobile devices and present the real-time results.

Lead Management Mobile Application

Softengi developed a cloud-based renewable energy business platform, which allows the company to track, streamline, and automate combinations of its pre- and postsales activities, such as lead generation and management, business administration, and project management.

E-Prescription Information System

Softengi developed an “ePrescription” Information System allowing to store prescriptions and other related records online and have them available at any pharmacy, hospital, or medical institution.

Localization of the EH&S Application

Enviance, Inc., an industry-leading Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) software provider needed to localize their EH&S application to support various languages, including Chinese and Russian, in order to meet the demands of their growing customer base. Softengi managed to do this work.

Photo Inspection Reports Mobile Application

Softengi developed a Photo Inspection Reports Mobile Application, which helps technicians inspect homes (both inside and outside) and structures and streamlines the formation of photo-reports of the premises inspection in order to exclude the human factor from this process.

Meter Reading System

Softengi developed a comprehensive information-analytical system allowing water utility inspectors to easily read meters installed around the city by means of mobile devices.

MSTS – Network and Software Monitoring Solution

Every modern company’s IT Infrastructure incorporates an impressive number of interconnected devices, which generate dozens of events every second. So, it is important to monitor infrastructure operation and detect problems early to prevent disasters and business losses.

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