Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition service is a revolutionary tool as it allows defining both printed and handwritten text on the image and transform the words into computer-readable text. 

We used Azure Cognitive Services for the implementation of Object Character Recognition in our projects as it is the most reliable solution on the market as yet.

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The most substantial advantages of Optical Character Recognition for your business.

Increase The Efficiency

The possibility of Object Character Recognition increases the number of documents processed by 4 times. Besides, OCR software can automate scanning and document-conversion processes 24/7.

Save Time

With the help of the app enhanced with OCR, specialists save time they usually waste on copying the information from handwritten or printed documents.

Save Money

Filling in multiple documents and copying all of them increases the possibility of human-made errors which might cost a pretty penny.

Some perks of using Optical Character Recognition:

1. Entry data in a snap

Don’t let your specialists waste twain time and money on input the pile of documents.

2. Making text in images of printed and handwritten documents searchable

When you scan either printed or handwritten documents, you don’t have the ability to search through the text in image. Object Character Recognition gives you an opportunity to search through the text back.

3. Automatic key information extraction

With the help of OCR, you might automatically extract any key information from both handwritten and printed documents. You might have all key information from the document in searchable form in a few minutes instead of a few hours which it would take to extract by hands.


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