Mudbath, a full service digital agency in Australia, specializes in the design and development of innovative digital products. Due to numerous concurrent projects in different industries (environment, e-commerce, automobile, security, etc.), the company developed a demand for a reliable and accountable outsourcing partner to assist it in creating its best digital solutions.

So Mudbath started its cooperation with Softengi.

The scope of our partnership with Mudbath is pretty wide and continually growing. Our team is engaged in more than 10 concurrent projects on different development stages. The coverage of Mudbath’s solutions are also pretty diverse: Softengi works on the development of hardware and software complex for having control over mine employees’ level of knowledge, websites for music stores, violence prevention nets, etc.

Softengi is happy to work together with Mudbath on its current tasks and challenges and hopes for fruitful cooperation in the future!


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