Softengi has been developing software and niche solutions for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of the specifics of each industry and have particular tools for solving various volumes and complexities. We bring to your attention our developments in various industries.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutics

Modern technologies have the power to make the healthcare sector not only more efficient and high-quality, but also affordable for more people.

Public Sector

The public sector plays an essential role in the development of any economy. The public sector is the monopoly in the hands of the government and considered to be a highly important organization. It has the importance of economic and regional development, providing public utility services and infrastructural facilities


Modern companies in the telco industry involve the use of tools and strategies, the use of which is made possible thanks to AI and machine learning. With these technologies it is already impossible to imagine a telecommunication company.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail, like no other industry, needs technologies that would enable online tracking of the entire business process. After all, the competition is incredibly high.

Utilities and Energy

Energy management software receives mass public attention because of the sustainability trend. Energy consumption must be smart not only because there are multiple sustainable energy solutions.


Discover how we help manufacturing companies reach new heights using AI in manufacturing and other latest technologies.


The agriculture industry affects many areas of the economy locally as well as globally. Crop monitoring, logistics management, machinery tracking as well as soil sampling solutions might dramatically increase the harvest and quality of agricultural products.

Financial Services

Finance is positioned to become the hub of industry analytics by the end of the decade. But the Finance 2020 business must earn this role using the automation and digitalisation of business processes.

Gaming & Entertainment

Top-notch technologies quickly rushed into the entertainment industry. It is impossible to imagine games or any entertainment project without Smart Segmentation, AR and VR technologies and, of course, breathtaking design. Softengi has been engaged in the transformation of entertainment companies for more than ten years.

Real Estate and Construction

Real estate is known as one of the most significant sectors of the economy. They contribute to balancing the economy of a country in as much as it increases the income of people. It plays a vital role in the lives of many particularly those who own land.

Transportation & Logistics

Softengi will help transform your logistics and supply chain management with the help of the Internet of Things and other top-notch technologies.


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