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In the world, there is no field of business or life where the Internet of Things has not yet made its own adjustments. The expansion of this technology is completely understandable. IoT makes all spheres of human life and production easier and more economical. We can confidently support this statement because our 5 years experience in developing hardware and software solutions for IoT confirms all of the above.

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The most substantial advantages of IoT

Predective Maintenance

IoT helps to monitor the equipment 24/7 and not to bring the equipment to a critical state. Production will not stop due to unexpected breakdowns.

Advanced security

This expertise ensures 100% security of your confidential data, which is available in a user-friendly application 24/7.

Smart spaces

Thanks to IoT, any company can obtain accurate data about its space and respond to any situation expeditiously. Also profits increase by reducin the utility costs by 50%.

How does it work?

Let’s take a look at smart home IoT solutions. The quintessence of the Internet of Things is the collection, analysis, and output of environmental data. Exactly on this basis, we have thousands of possible solutions for our clients.

1.The first step is data accumulation with the help of data sensors. There are various types of IoT sensors, such as ultrasonic, temperature, vibration, chemical, IR, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, that collect all the type of data.

2.The second step is the transmission of this data to the cloud with the help of the most effective and reliable channel:

3.Data storage can be performed either on-premise or on-cloud. We utilize the most popular cloud solutions, such as Amazon or Google or any custom solutions.

4.The next step is the analysis of this data which is often performed with the help of machine learning tools.


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