Electronic Health Record Management System

An Electronic Health Record Management (EHR) system serves as the database for storing the most important medical information about  patients. Development of the EHR helps medical institutions go paperless and build a highly cooperative system within the organization.

Typically EHR includes

  • Past medical history of patients
  • Any relevant demographic data
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Immunization dates
  • Information about allergies
  • Information from lab reports
  • Data from wearables and other devices that collect physiological parameters
  • Billing data
  • Insurance details


Electronic health records systems presuppose that anyone within the organization can have access to them at any given time. No information is outdated as it is instantly corrected by anyone involved in the process of treatment.

The access to the patient’s data in the EHR  is provided to all the authorized members, such as doctors, nurses, insurance companies, lab specialists, pharmacies, school and workplace doctors. This helps to coordinate healthcare services more efficiently and make the process of treatment transparent and coherent. 

Electronic Health Record Management SystemSoftengi

Electronic Health Record Management System

Custom system for every client

Time Management and Scheduling

In a health records app and in a medical record management system doctors can allocate time for events and automatically notify all parties involved about them.

Electronic Documentation Management

In these applications, entities can work with all their documents: histories of clients, charts, prescriptions, and statistical descriptions of their results.

Custom Solutions

Small and middle-sized entities can have EHR or EMR made on order.

Electronic Health Records Development Requirements

Electronic Health Records Development Requirements

HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) compliance is required for the development of EHR systems that are to be developed for the US market. HIPAA requirements presuppose that EHR systems are secure in terms of sensitive information. 

In the EU, EuroRec certification will be required, otherwise the development of the electronic health records system will not be sufficient. ONC-ATCB Certification (Office of the National Coordinator – Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies) is another certification that may be required. 

Data transferring is also regulated by data transferring protocols, such  as  CCD, CCR, HL7, CCA. The choice of the most appropriate will depend on the requirements of the system. 

Electronic Health Records System Benefits

Electronic Health Records System Benefits

Introducing an electronic health records system in the organization makes the flow of information more seamless and effective. Digitalization in the healthcare is unimaginable without electronic healthcare records management as it enables digital progress and 

  • More accessible patients care
  • Patients are more involved 
  • More efficient diagnostics due to access to all medical records 
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Smart appointment management

What Should a Modern EHR System Look Like? 

Modern EHR System

Electronic document management. This is a primary vital feature for each EHR system. 

Mobile-friendliness is an absolute must for a modern EHR system. The majority of patients will access the data from mobile phones as it is much more.

Comprehensible UI/UX. Since the system will be used by people of different age and gender, it must be intuitively comprehensible for each person. 

On-premises/Cloud storage options. Different clinical facilities have different requirements for data storage. It is possible to choose the most appropriate option in any single case. 


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