IoT for Oil & Gas: Analysis & Control

Almost every Oil & Gas company has the potential to use the Internet of things for its benefit. It is relatively easy to gather data on how the equipment works, how much energy it spends, where this or that asset is located. It is also possible to get the fullest information about oil& gas employees who are subject to various risks.

GPS: Logistics, Agriculture, and Security Industries Reap Benefits

GPS technology can be a valuable aid to such business sectors as logistics, agriculture, and security. Using these trackers companies can improve the efficiency of many operations and spend resources wisely.

IoT in Agriculture: Smart Farming is the Only Farming for Us

By 2050, it is expected that 9.7 billion people will live on the planet. In this scenario, the first role comes out of the nutrition issue, because to feed such a huge population it is needed to multiply the production of food. Farmers and engineers are already working on this task and plan to achieve it by developing and building "smart" farms.

IoT Solutions for Manufacturing: Dealing with Typical Challenges

Transforming huge ICT systems into cyber-physical systems, dealing with security challenges, and preserving high cost-efficiency. These are just some of the challenges we faced when developing a complex IoT solution for manufacturing. The experience we accumulated in the process is priceless that is why we are sharing with it.

IoT Real Estate Technology Meets Industry Challenges

In order to meet dynamic customer demands and business needs, the Real Estate industry is actively embracing cutting-edge tech applications. Internet of Things has proved to be an effective solution for all participants of real estate industry – property managers, tenants, and building owners. It provides greater business value, differentiating companies from their competitors, and offers new sources of revenue.

IoT in Logistics and Transportation

With COVID-19 disrupting the transportation industries, logistics tech appears to be the key to business stability and even its advancement. By adding transparency to transportation processes, accelerating goods delivery, and enhancing operational processes Internet of Things in Transportation has brought Logistics Tech to a higher level.

Embedded Devices: Basic Notions

The rise of the interest to embedded system development is explained by the smart home mass introductions and the growing demand for consumer electronics, ADAS, electronics solutions.

IoT Solutions in the Post-COVID-19 World: New Challenges

The pandemic has forced enterprises to reconsider their work practices and adjust them to the current situation with COVID-19. A broad array of devices and software allows us to operate and respond to this crisis in a way that would have been impossible in the past. Such technologies as Internet of Things are helping companies and governments to solve unique challenges posed by coronavirus.

Retail Trends 2020

We prepared a great article for you about trends in the retail industry in 2020. You will see that retailers have to become smart in order to stay competitive in the market. Moreover, we will show the way Softengi transforms the retail segment.

Smart Farming: A New Challenge For R&D

Sustainable farming is designed to fulfil the needs of society in production now, without depriving future generations of the opportunity to meet their needs. Sustainable agriculture methods must combine the solution of three main tasks: a healthy ecosystem, economic profitability, social and economic equality.

Softengi is Building Partnership with the German Scientific Community

Working with Softengi, German researchers will be able to create productive German-Ukrainian centers of excellence that is why we invite them for cooperation!

IoT Analytics: Collect, Analyze, and React

IoT technology has long established itself as an integral part of many industries. The main point is data analytics, based on the processing and analysis of large volumes of data. Intelligent visualization of the collected data helps companies make better decisions, increase user experience and develop better business strategies.

Voice Recognition App Is a Must Have in the Spheres Full of Risk

Today we will tell you about the technology that is in almost every pocket. It's called Voice Recognition. But we won't focus on personal assistants and will tell you more about voice checklists in the industries that are characterized by the increased risk of accidents. Healthcare or manufacturing among others. After all, the results of voice checklists implementation are worth applause - an increase in work efficiency by 30%. You will find more ideas and facts in the article.

IoT Security Issues & Modern Ways of Solutions

One of the main issues facing humanity is the issue of security. As the age of technology with numerous smart mobile devices and spaces has come, the issue of security has become even more urgent. Methods and solutions for IoT security are different, let's talk about the most reliable of them in the article below.

IoT in Retail: Smart Shelves, UAVs and More

Do you want to see the future of shopping? How the retail industry will develop, what new methods and tools will appear and what technologies will be vital. It is not for nothing that 89 % of retailers increased their understanding of preferences and customer behavior thanks to the Internet of Things technology. The article below allows you to verify the choice of these retailers.

Computer Vision for Quality Control

CV-based applications serve to minimize human intervention, optimize operational efficiency, as well as reduce labour costs. These indicators primarily lead to increased profits of the enterprise. If you want to know more what spheres benefit from computer vision for quality control, read the article.

Precision Agriculture: IoT Sensors, Drones, and XR to Make Farming Smarter

Do you know that at the moment there is a revolution in the Agricultural Sector? It became possible thanks to the development of Precision Agriculture and the Internet of Things. These technologies can achieve increasing the efficiency and profit more than 25% of any agricultural object, be it a complex of fields, a small greenhouse or a farm. How exactly you should implement new technologies and what exactly should be expected, as a result, read it in the article.

IoT Solutions for Electric Power Industry

IoT technology will help to distribute electricity without loss. It will also lead to the qualitative changes in its production and the delivery to the end users. Thanks to IoT, the share of renewable electricity in global electricity production has increased to 8.4%. It has also become possible to use mobile applications for smart electricity metering. We are working on one of them for our partner - Aziot. The most effective IoT solution for EPI sector are better described in the article below.

Disruptive Technologies in Risk Management: XR/AI

Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence take risk management to the new level – the level of total control. Risk management strategy includes threat prevention, emergency situations simulation in VR, data security and other methods of minimization of potential threats. Many compliance and risk departments have already implemented AI-driven solutions to streamline functions and compliance processes. More insights on this topic in the article below.

IoT For Your Business: The Race Is On

It's no secret that the faster your business starts using top-notch technologies, the more stable and more confident will be your market position. IoT is practically first in the transformation list.

Internet of Things for Manufacturing: Optimization and Rationalization

Manufacturing is undergoing a technological revolution and it is the degree of the implementation of the most innovative technologies, such as IoT and IIoT, will eventually account for whether a company or even a country will prosper or decline

AZIOT HOME installed in the first 100 apartments!

Our IoT platform AZIOT HOME has been already installed in the first 100 apartments. Now, more than 100 occupants have an opportunity to use our AZIOT HOME Application. Not bad for a start!

How Drones Track Wheat Breeding & Inspect Post Disaster Areas

Intecracy Ventures project provides cutting-edge solutions in the aerial industry that can be widely used in various fields of business.

5 TIPS how business can benefit from IoT

Internet of Things is not just about “smart home”. It’s also about “smart office”, and rising efficiency, and reducing costs along with that.

Upgraded version of Aziot Home

Our solution Aziot Home has been improved with more capabilities. Now it stands for your freshness, hospitality and most importantly - your look.

Softengi created Aziot Lock In System - ALIS

A Connected Digital Platform for Doors Remote Management & Automated Unlocking.

Testing of IoT Applications: Vague results. Complex automation process. Ethics matters.

IoT testing has no evident results, it has complex automation process, testers stand in 50/50% roles correlation with developers, conventional IoT protocols aren’t only applicable. And ethics really matters.

IoT Data Analytics Platforms: EV Charging Perspective

With IoT technology, EV charging stations become more efficient and convenient not only for drivers but also for service workers. Applying MSTS.IoT, EV stations can be easily monitored and managed within one platform.

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