Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality (MR) refers to the real-world environment, which can be overlaid with virtual objects. Users can manipulate these objects and interact with them in real-time using a special headset. 

According to Accenture, MR is  “the next-generation digital experience driven by the real-world presence of “intelligent virtual objects,” enabling people to interact with these objects within their real-world field of view. » 

Mixed Reality (MR)Softengi


The most substantial advantages of Mixed Reality (MR)

Real-time Simulation

MR allows to view a correctly scaled 3D model of a product and modify it in the real time.

Interactive Product Content

With MR, users do not have to leave their convenient locations, as MR adds content to currently existing environment. Users can touch and manipulates overlaid objects.

Enhanced Collaboration

MR improves employee collaboration by enabling remote teams to see exactly what someone is working in the real time.

Some perks of using Mixed Reality (MR)

1.Remote Experts 

Using 3D projections and simulations allows experts to address most of the support requests from on-field employees. In essence, if employees face, for instance, a problem with complex heavy equipment at a location that is hard to reach, they can send to a remote expert a video feed of what they view, so the expert can annotate the 3D displayed on MR-based headset to direct the task. 

2.Training Programs

With VR onboarding and training programs can be much effective and engaging. Simulated products and overplayed information about products in the context of the real world provide an immersive experience for users, thereby enhancing their ability to learn and take the information. Trainees can interact with 3D projections, exploring them from all angles. 

3.Virtual Prototyping 

Implementing VR-powered prototyping solutions can help producers better simulate their products in terms of volume, size, and shape. Using VR embedding, engineers can directly interact with the virtual prototypes and get a better view of all its systems, which enables them to detect conception errors at an earlier stage. 


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