At Softengi, we understand that even digital business has an impact on the environment. Despite the fact that the software development remains one of the most environmentally friendly form of businesses, and our digital solutions make a significant contribution to the improvement of global environment, as a member of the global community, we recognize our responsibility to do our part in promoting sound environmental practices at all levels.

That is why we do our work by adhering to the following principles:

  • Maintaining a corporate environmental policy and setting standards to operate in a environmentally responsible manner, with additional emphasis on minimizing adverse environmental impact
  • Our operations and our products will comply with all applicable standards and regulations as well as continual adoption, if not introduction, of industry best practices
  • Refusal of technologies and processes that may carry a danger to the environment and help state and public initiatives to eliminate them or reduce their impact on the environment
  • Preventive identification and evaluation of environmental risks, along with the implementation of measures to eliminate or control that risk
  • Promotion of awareness, accountability, and environmental responsibility among our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, as well as other stakeholders
  • Investing in and supporting research and development of environmentally directed industry programs

We will continually review opportunities to improve our environmental performance by establishing goals and objectives, and by progress measuring. Examples of improvements include eliminating paper based document workflow etc.


Softengi follows Personal Data Protection Policy to protect personal data of its employees, clients, and suppliers in accordance with applicable requirements of Ukrainian legislation, international laws and regulations.

Main principles of our Personal Data Protection Policy:

  • Personal Data (PD) must be processed legally, reasonably and transparently.
  • It must be collected and processed in the future only for certain and legitimate reasons.
  • The Volume of PD must be adequate, important and be limited to the purpose, why it has been collected.
  • Personal Data must be correct, factual and original. If Personal Data is not relevant, it must be deleted or corrected immediately.
  • PD must be stored in a form that allows the identification of the person, but only during the period that is necessary for processing the PD for such purposes.
  • Personal Data must be processed in a way that provides the clients safety, protection from unauthorized processing, accidental loss and damage by taking appropriate technical and organizational measures.

We apply the same principles to the solutions developed by us in order to meet the GDPR requirements.


Softengi adheres to honesty and decency in management methods and its business relationships and strives to ensure such a reputation. Company staff, officials, directors and participants, representatives and agents, other persons acting on behalf of and in the interests of the Company, in their activities and in their relationships with business partners, central and local authorities, are guided by the principle of “zero tolerance” to any manifestations of corruption, and take all the measures provided by law to prevent, identify and counteract corruption and related actions. The Company ensures the development and implementation of activities that are necessary and sufficient to prevent, detect and counteract corruption in its activities. The Anti-corruption Policy, reflects the commitment of the Company and its management to high ethical standards and principles executing transparent and honest business, as well as the Company’s desire to improve the corporate culture, adhering to the best practices of corporate governance and maintaining the business reputation of the Company at the highest possible level.

The company has committed itself to the following targets:

  • Minimizing the risk of involvement in the corrupt activities of the Company itself, its management and employees, regardless of the position.
  • Building a uniform understanding of the Company’s policy on intolerance of corruption in all of its forms and manifestations among the counterparties, employees and other persons.
  • Synthesis and clarification to all employees of the basic requirements of the anti-corruption legislation, which can be applied to the Company, its management and employees.
  • Establishment of the obligations of the Company’s employees to know and respect the principles and requirements of this Policy, the key norms of the applicable anti-corruption legislation, and also participate in activities undertaken to prevent corruption.


Softengi provides a wide range of services in the Information Technology industry. The key competence of our company is software development. We aim to achieve leading positions among Ukrainian and East European companies in the sphere of high-tech software development and IT services providing for customers worldwide. Geographical coverage of our top-priority markets includes USA, Canada, Australia and European countries.

QA Policy corresponds with company goals. Our QA Policy is defined with the following key statements:

  • We implement business expectations of our customers.
  • We support the full cycle of software development: from an examination of our clients’ business needs to implementation of their tasks.
  • We build transparent relationships with our clients and partners, ensuring process manageability and controllability at all stages of the work.
  • We are responsible for the quality of our solutions and services.
  • We constantly examine and apply modern technologies in the IT industry.
  • We meet requirements of project management (PMBoK) and use agile processes (SCRUM).
  • We organize and support Company Information Security Systems in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.
  • We have highly professional teams and take care about continuous growth of our employees through further education and certification of the latest IT-Science.
  • We provide an opportunity to implement the creative potential of our employees – both within the projects for our clients and personal initiatives.
  • We support, follow and extend general principles of work and QA policy of the Intecracy Group, of whom we are a company-member.

For implementation of company targets and QA policy, there is a Quality Management System is applied and constantly improved within the company. It meets company business needs and corresponds with international and national quality management standards. Softengi directs all efforts to the continuous improvement of process quality and advanced level of the services delivered.


Softengi follows the best practices of the European Union in the field of equipping equal chances for all employees, regardless of gender, age, affinity to certain ethical or religious groups. This approach is part of our Social Responsibility Policy as well as internal operation processes. Softengi is engaged in promoting of equal economic independence for women and men, closing the gender pay gap, advancing gender balance in decision making and promoting gender equality beyond the EU. This activity starts from the process of employee recruitment that is implemented exclusively by searching for the necessary qualifications (without specifying any age, gender or other limitations). Women make up about 23% and their salaries correspond to the average rates adopted by the company for the position held. Moreover, about 20% of all managers at all levels are women. The company also attracts and employs employees with special needs or belonging to vulnerable groups (in particular, immigrants from the east of Ukraine and veterans). In addition, the company participates in the implementation of social projects (for example, Registry of people living with HIV) and supports orphanages. The company also provides the necessary vacation days and other compensated non-working days related to religion, treatment, or other reasons specified by law. Key employees, including at least 1 representative of any project team, undergo additional specialized training to ensure equal chances and compliance with the EU recommendations in the entire company as well as project team in particular.



1. General clauses

2. Purpose and scope of Personal Data processing

3. Service User’s rights

4. “Cookies” policy

5. Final clauses


1. The administrator of Personal Data collected via the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) is a Company implementing business activities under the company name SOFTENGI LLC, legal address: 45 Fabryczna str., 43-100 Tychy, Poland, mailing address: [email protected], NIP: 6462935544, REGON: 243679354, registered at National Entrepreneurs Registry No 0000529398, e-mail address: [email protected], hereinafter referred to as “Administrator”, who is also a “Service Provider”.

2. Service Users are users who use the functionality of the Website.

3. Personal Data of the Service Users (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”) are processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, dated 10 May 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2018, pos. 1000) and Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679, dated 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal Data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, Journal of Laws of EU. L., 2016, No. 119, page 1.

4. The Administrator takes special care to protect the interests of the Service Users with regard to the processing of their Personal Data as part of their activities related to the functioning of the Website.

5. In particular, the Administrator ensures that the data collected by it are:

  • Processed in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Collected for specified, legitimate purposes, indicated in point 2 letter C, and not further processed in a way, incompatible with these purposes
  • Kept in a form which makes it possible to identify the persons, to whom they relate, no longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.


1. The Administrator collects and processes the following Personal Data:

  • Data on job offers viewed
  • Data sent by the Customer using the recruitment form
  • Customer’s activity on the Website
  • Data of the User’s session
  • Data of the User’s web browser
  • Data about the User’s operating system

2. The Administrator may additionally collect and process the following types of Personal Data:

  • Location data of the Service User
  • Data provided by the Customer in a satisfaction survey

3. Personal Data indicated in point 2 letters A and B are used for:

  • Recommendations of the job offers
  • Job searches
  • Calculation of the potential salary
  • Provision of CV templates, guides and other documents
  • Auditing of the level of Customer’s satisfaction
  • Adjusting the functionality of the Website to the Customer’s needs

4. The provision of Personal Data indicated in point 2 letter A and B, is fully voluntary.

5. The provision of the Personal Data indicated in point 2 letter A is necessary to provide services by the Service Provider.


1. The Service User has the right to access its Personal Data, remaining within the Service Provider’s facilities.

2. The Service Users are entitled:

  • To control the correctness of their Personal Data processing
  • To request the supplementation of their Personal Data
  • To correct their Personal Data
  • To remove their Personal Data

3. The above-indicated rights can be exercised, among others, by sending an appropriate e-mail to the Service Provider’s e-mail address. The Service Provider takes the obligation to notify the Service Users each time about changing its e-mail address.


1. The Website uses “cookies”. Their installation is necessary for the proper provision of services on the Website and for its proper functioning.

2. The Customer is entitled to make decision on the access of “cookies” to its computer by selecting them in the browser’s dialog box.

3. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling “cookies” is available in the software settings (web browser).

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