Andrey Kovalev, VP of Engineering at Softengi, presented at the Business Information Technology Forum 2018 in Kyiv. The topic of his speech was “Control of workflow at the IT company like checking of bulbs’ quality at the General Electric conveyor. How can you achieve the same speed and transparency?”.

Andrey discussed the statistical quality control of operating processes at the IT departments, illustrating successful Softengi’s experience in this field. During the speech, our VP of Engineering proposed ways of continuous auditing and continuous improvement approaches implementation for effective management of rapidly changing and routine micro processes in the IT industry.

About Continuous Improvement, Robotic Process Automation and Chat Bots

Within his presentation, Andrey Kovalev also approached the mainstream subject of software robots application for IT processes management: how to use Robotic Process Automation for automated disordances readjustments and what are the prospects of chatbots application to notify employees about process disordances and actions needed to fix them.

Having more than 15 years of experience working at the IT company, Andrey assures that due to statistical control and automated process of workflow management, you can reach the following:

  • Have every minute control of all IT processes;
  • Work on the simple and easy process of continuous improvement;
  • Automatically manage all routine and time-consuming processes;
  • Increase employees’ loyalty for process improvement.
About Continuous Improvement, Robotic Process Automation and Chat Bots


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