The modern world requires modern solutions.

This phrase sounds everywhere because it suits any business. In the world of IT technologies, it sounds especially loud because the main thing here is not just to use new and innovative solutions but to start using them earlier than competitors. It is an experience that decides whether specialists are sufficiently qualified in a practical sense.

We want to tell you why the DevOps department is essential for effective business. There is information about how exactly you need to use DevOps Consulting.

DevOps culture assimilates development teams and operators to improve their collaboration. DevOps works with developers to improve coordination of operations, development, and testing, automating and optimizing integration and deployment processes.

DevOps Consulting: Trend or Necessity

The goal of a DevOps specialist is to help organizations create and update software products quickly. It is timely updating of products and rapid entry into the market that ensures the company’s consistently high profit.

DevOps is a brand-new phenomenon in the digital product development process. Companies can continue to develop their own product or outsource one without involving the DevOps department, but the speed of entering the market and deploying updates will not be comparable to competitors who use the knowledge and skills of DevOps engineers. But the speed of deploying is everything in the IT world.

Many departments, specialists, analysts, developers, designers, marketers, and testers work on one product. The longer professional communication and coordination flows between them, the more expensive the product will be. And in the end, a copy of your product may appear unexpectedly on the market. So it’s indispensable precisely the speed that is directly affected by the result of DevOps work.

Some companies, tempted by the opportunities DevOps opens to them, hire whole teams to their companies. Yet, many DevOps have long pauses before projects.

Many companies face the problem of the uselessness of an entire DevOps team. The solution to this issue is outsourcing or DevOps consulting services. Softengi can change the sluggish process of the full cycle of process development once and for all. We are replacing obsolete organizational processes burdened with non-modern thinking, systems, and tools. Our DevOps department has the experience that has a positive impact on the organization all the way to increasing flexibility, speed, and profit.

Main Advantages of DevOps Culture: Work Efficiency Improvement

We will help ensure that changes are made quickly and deploy updates more frequently, reducing the total cost of product development steps, and we can also help improve company ratings and develop experience.

Expansion of Services

The DevOps development team helps automate processes and tasks between all the services a product goes through, from business analysts to testers. We can create and maintain a reliable infrastructure that will allow your services to run smoothly and without downtime.

Shortening of the Full Development Cycle

Thanks to the efficient allocation of resources, you can coordinate and achieve your development goals much faster and more efficiently, reducing costs and time to market.

Increased Security

Our experts will ensure the security of data and the entire infrastructure by implementing centralized monitoring, logging, and proactive alerts. You can instantly control your resources and processes. Our team has developed a system that naturally “replaces” your base while support will resume the original base.

Environment Creation

We create a whole infrastructure that is understandable and accessible to all participants in product development. Systems for managing versions of the code are created, automation is used at all stages of development, and even testing is carried out automatically. After that, reports for each stage are generated separately.

Configure Updates

After automatic testing, which is carried out continuously to identify any possible bugs, the process of creating an update system begins. Each product is conceived as long-term, which means updates are simply necessary. This is done so that any product update is as convenient and invisible to the client as possible, and at the same time, there are no malfunctions.

Support After Cooperation

We are 100 percent sure of the quality of the work of our  DevOps engineers. That’s why our company does not disappear after the end of cooperation. We will continue to monitor the product, collect feedback and develop new ideas.

Optimization and Proper Use of Services

Thanks to our DevOps engineers, it became possible, without problems and delays, to ensure uninterrupted and automated update downloads to many different environments on different cloud solutions simultaneously. 

This is how, remotely and efficiently, our DevOps Softengi department runs several ongoing projects. We want to tell you about the brightest of them.

Cases That Make Us Especially Proud: Nectain

Nectain solution is a comprehensive system for automating the entire procurement process management cycle.

A Few Cases That We Are Especially Proud Of

The main difficulty of the project was the deadline. The DevOps department helped reduce the overall time of deploying by 3 times by making edits and changes, which made it possible to deploy updates more frequently.


Aziot is a smart IoT platform. AZIOT Technology was created to enable customers to manage installed devices and meters, connect new devices, and create work rules for each device or group of devices in accordance with daily work.

AZIOT can also help reduce utility bills by up to 50%.

A feature of this project was the extensive system of devices used by the platform. Our specialists were able to connect up to 150 devices without loss of performance and operational efficiency of each of them and the system as a whole. Each device transferred all collected data to the cloud for processing, and then they were clearly reproduced in the user’s application.

DevOps Consulting: Trend or Necessity

In this project, we introduced the process of non-stop deployment with notification of their deployment status to messengers.

The task of the DevOps department was to develop software for each device, and to write automated programs for testers so that several different devices would work without interruptions and bugs.


BodyO is a self-service one-stop full body digital scanner that features 19 measurements with the ability to track a wide range of vital health indicators.

DevOps Consulting: Trend or Necessity

Also, our DevOps department, with the help of such techniques as centralized monitoring and proactive alerts, increases the security and stability of the entire infrastructure. In the case of hacking or any abnormal situation, the system does not “fall” since the customer always controls the resources and processes for continuous operation. Customer data is securely stored and cannot be stolen.


The main issue of the project was to reduce the development life cycle. While our DevOps experts were engaged in setting up and supporting the customer’s infrastructure, their developers focused on the development and business tasks. Such an efficient allocation of resources makes it possible to make adjustments faster and more efficiently and achieve milestone goals. And most importantly – reduce costs and time-to-market.


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