SAP Integration

What does SAP integration stand for, and why use it with us?

SAP is a well-known business software, ranking 3rd place in the world. It is about resources planning, business intelligence, supply chain, big data and analytics, and any related applications that allow businesses of any size to run their activity better. 

As an integration service company, Softengi gets the most of SAP integration solutions.


SAP IntegrationSoftengi

Advantages of SAP solutions with us

We offer

Tailored SAP methodology to any industry

With SAP tailored applications to your business we can valuably upgrade data management overall. It allows companies to not only improve the decision-making, data management but also to see the hidden business opportunities and evaluate risks.

Consistent management alignment with business goals

With consistent reporting, companies are able to have a full picture of what is going on within the entire company. Based on this knowledge, the executive team can easily collaborate with other departments to work towards common goals.

SAP data integration consulting and information management services

We help to orchestrate, manage, and transfer any necessary data into information. We install the SAP systems that automatically track the information and data. Based on this, it can produce reports. SAP data integration considerably decreases the amount of manual data input, consideration and, as a result, largely saves time. Thus, we ensure data quality and data flow.

As a proven expert in SAP consulting company, we provide the following professional services to enhance your business development.

Enhanced efficiency at all levels

With SAP applications services we valuably improve modern enterprises management overall. Mainly due to its ability to glance at all business processes at every level. For example, employee performance, customer management, or administration, all can be easily integrated with SAP Integration services. Our expertise allows companies to not only improve the decision-making, data management, but also to see the hidden business opportunities and evaluate any possible risks.

The full use of data for business goals

SAP data integration services

In the business solutions we offer, we integrate SAP stacks and non-SAP systems by having everything in one application. In this regard, when it comes to the multiple departments and projects, one does not need to purchase any additional software products to manage it all. This considerably helps our clients to balance costs and efforts related thereof. 

Softengi ensures orchestration, managing, and transforming any necessary data into information for your practical use. We provide data integration to track the information and data, produce reports. Thus, we help you to decrease the amount of manual data input, consideration. As a result, we largely save your time. Softengi helps to achieve data quality and data flow. 

One of the integral steps of data integration is data migration. This step can be very demanding. But we are there to deal with it by providing the necessary skills and methodologies for data migration success. To do that, we thoroughly analyze the ways we can deliver it for your business. We consider all technical aspects and make sure the data is available and working.   

SAP Data Augmentation and Machine Learning services

By providing SAP augmentation and machine learning services, we grant our clients access to the proper and contextually relevant information. It is required for the decision-makers to drive the needs of the business in the right direction. This information can relate to revenues, as well as any other data. As it has to be analyzed to boost your business management processes. Powered by the endless possibilities of AI, data augmentation, and machine learning with Softengi are analytical and visual tools. We make the best of data receivable and help to achieve strategic business goals.

By applying SAP systems with us, any business can widely benefit from having it on board. Managing and storing data, reporting, managing business at any level – with all these advantages we can open up new business opportunities.

With our integrated solutions, based on the proper knowledge, the executive team can easily enhance decision-making processes and collaborate with other departments to work towards common goals.

Softengi can guide you through the entire SAP complexity. We provide reliable system performance, up-to-date SAP applications, and solutions that suit your business needs.


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