You have developed a one-of-a-kind application, it has become really popular in your region, you have decided to make it global and distribute it worldwide, and… that’s all. Nothing happens.

No downloads. No money.

Sounds frightening, right?

Actually, it can come true if you will not consider App Localization. And here is why…

What is an App Localization and How It Works?

App implies the adaptation of your software into language, date format and other cultural characteristics of the specific region. It is an obligatory step if you strive to go global and get clients in as many countries as possible. App localization allows any person from any region speaking any language to download and use your application without any trouble.  

Why Does Your App Need to Be Localized?

The whole idea of this creation may seem at first not so crucial for your product. In fact, there are a number of pretty obvious reasons to localize your application.  

Imagine a scene: a potential user is searching your app using a term in his native language and fails to find it. You have just lost approximately 60 % of your potential clients because your application “knows” only one language.

If you continue to сlaim that consumers of your application primarily live in America, here is some interesting statistics for you: in 2020, users from Asia, Europe and Middle East will combine to generate 3.8 x as many app downloads as their counterparts in America.  

How Can You Localize Your App?

Seeming to be easy enough, localization is a very comprehensive process requiring a lot of time and effort.

A localization checklist is pretty extensive: first of all, you have to research new target languages, then to design your app for purposes of localization, actually to translate the application itself and all its store listings, to test your localized app and run a beta version. That is not even half of it because you will also need to prepare a campaign on international marketing, consider app optimization in specific regions, support new international users after the app’s launch.

To save your time, money and effort, you can turn for help to any IT company having vast experience in the localization processes. For example, Softengi has succeeded in making the localization of a sophisticated emission tracking system for the EHS market. You can read our case study here.  

What Benefits Will You Get From App Localization?

The results of the App Localization will strike you with outstanding benefits for your business. Extension of customer base, revenues rise, increased awareness – it’s all about it!

It has been proved, that localization of the specific iPhone application led to an increase in app downloads by more than 128% (in accordance with a study, “The Impact of App Translations” from Distomo). In general, such app localization can result in a 26% increase in the company’s revenues.

Bright evidence of the localization profit was also provided by David Janner in his experiment with app translation. After application translation, the number of English-speaking users declined from 76% to only 10% of the total. The overall quantity of app downloads has increased by 767% – from 3,000 to 23,000 downloads per month.

If you want to receive a consultation with our specialists concerning App Localization, please contact us [email protected], and we will gladly assist you.  


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