WebGL is an application programming interface that allows rendering both interactive 3D and traditional 2D graphics. With WebGL users can add 2D and 3D objects to desired context, animate textures, apply color and lightening in order to achieve needed visuals speedily and accurately.



The most substantial advantages of WebGL

Hardware Acceleration

WebGL utilizes hardware acceleration, ensuring its suitability for complex visualisations.

Browser-based games

WebGL has proven to be effective in developing browser-based games.

3D graphics

With WebGL users can effectively integrate 3D graphics for various applications.

Some perks of using WebGL:

  • Data Visualization

WebGL allows to develop complex visualization based on available data, distilling large datasets into visual graphics in order to allow easy understanding of complex relationships within the data. Realism of 3D will represent visualizations in all angles, hence providing both qualitative and quantitative information about an object.

  • Cross-Platform Development

The users of WebGL aren’t confined to any single platform. Developed applications can be rendered across many platforms such as mobile devices, desktops, console as well as TV.

  • Interactive Content

Developing 2D and 3D objects with WebGL, users create interactive content for their applications. Softengi developers understand lighting techniques and how it affects colours and can bring out a realistic presentation using WebGL.


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