IoT Hardware Prototyping

IoT hardware is at the heart of every connected project. Developing efficient hardware-based IoT products and services can be overwhelming, as it requires a number of cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled professionals.

 Softengi will help you to develop an IoT hardware prototype that will meet all your needs and requirements within weeks.

IoT Hardware Prototyping Softengi


The most substantial advantages of IoT Hardware Prototyping

Delivery Speed

By utilizing the most innovative technologies and thousands of different types types of off-the-shelf sensors Softengi will promptly develop for you the entire IoT application, including hardware.

Enhanced Functionality

In order to deliver a highly functional product Softengi analyzes all client’s requirements, needs, environmental conditions and restraints as well as defines hardware size, weight, and power, alongside with other technical and physical requirements.

Higher design quality

Softengi professional team will develop a flawless design for your IoT prototype, aimed at enhancing the usability of your product

Some additional perks of IoT Hardware Prototyping:

1.Variety of sensors

 One of the most important components of an IoT device is sensors that collect valuable data and analyze the environment. Softengi works with a huge number of sensors, that are able to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, smoke, gas, light, sound, vibration, air-flow, water-flow, speed, acceleration, proximity, GPS position, altitude, etc. Based on your requirements, we will develop prototype embedding sensors that are relevant to your needs.

2. Saving money and time

Equipment manufacturing occupies the lion’s share of the total project budget. It is foolish to create a product and not be 100% sure that it will fulfil all the functions laid down and collect data accurately enough. Prototyping the hardware of the Internet of Things will ensure that the product works correctly, and is well worth the investment.


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