Web-based Application Development

With over 1000 projects in our portfolio, we tackle even the most complex web app development projects and deliver them successfully to our clients.  Softengi team, which consists of 300 software engineers, is capable of building high-load complex systems, web portal solutions, e-commerce platforms, web applications for various systems as well as websites for businesses. 

Most businesses today choose to build functional user-friendly web applications to be closer to the users. Among all the web application development companies, Softengi can be distinguished because of huge experience (+20 years on the market),  broad technology stack ( we cover all programming languages and tech stacks), and the ability to develop huge web applications for millions of users, like this HR system. 

Web-based Application DevelopmentSoftengi


The most substantial advantages of Web-based Application Development


Due to the wide usage of mobile devices and wireless technologies web-driven applications are accessible everywhere and anytime.


The user interface of web applications is easily customizable. Apps can be developed to suit different user groups in order to make them more attractive and effective.


Web-driven solutions provide a greater level of interoperability between different applications and can be rapidly integrated into various enterprise systems.

Some perks of using Web-based Application Development:

1)   Efficiency

Web applications development is constantly growing. So, being an effective tool for business, web applications allow streamlining company operations and processes. With a web app, you can integrate all your data in one place, thereby enhancing the transparency and efficiency of various business operations. For instance, building a web-based LMS system, helped this NGO organization to provide millions of users with the access to the knowledge base. 

2)   Easy maintenance 

With  web app development it is possible to exercise control and maintenance more easily. Once a new version or upgrade of an app is installed on the host server, it is also automatically installed on every PC in the system. The scope of maintenance operations to be performed by end-users is reduced as updates and patches are rolled out to every device in the system automatically. 

 3)  Increased security 

Web-driven applications store all data on a remote server, which is constantly monitored and maintained by experienced server administrators. An IT team does not manage hundreds or thousands of user computers as in the case of traditional desktop applications, making therefore web apps far more effective, and as a result more secured. Moreover, web applications often have direct access to backend data such as customer databases, which allows protecting users against data losses.

Softengi, one of the world’s leading web application development companies, creates interactive, complex and high-performance web applications designed to address specific business challenges and constantly evolving technological change.


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