Several months ago, we established a partnership with Camunda, one of the world’s most popular BPM solutions used by Goldman Sachs, NASA, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Today we would like to tell you more about our partner and the way we use Camunda for our client’s projects. So a few words about Camunda, which, to be honest, doesn’t need any introduction at all. It’s an open-source workflow and decision automation process which increases the effectiveness of the operational tasks management in the company making the process of complex decision-making much more fruitful and productive.

What are the main benefits of Camunda compared to other workflow automation tools?

  • Visualization of the internal operations with the help of diagrams and DMN decision tables in a user-friendly editor. Comprehensible visualization, as we all know, is the key to understanding complex processes. The Softengi team is planning to enhance the process of visualization by transferring it to Extended Reality, making it even more comprehensible.
  • Saving time. Using Camunda instead of launching a custom Java development for the creation of the custom workflow solution is incredibly beneficial in terms of time because of the well-thought cross-cutting features Camunda already has.
  • The possibility to make complex decisions accurate and reliable. In many cases, it’s impossible to analyze all the factors to make the most optimal decision for the company. Sometimes the variables change so quickly and so critically that a human being is unable to take them all into account to make the right verdict.

We used Camunda to improve the workflow in 3 different systems, and we can assure you that the results are tangible, which means that employees using the systems powered with Camunda feel the benefit of automation.


Before practicing external integration of Camunda, we’ve decided to automate internal processes and started from the HR system of the Intecracy consortium, which employs 600 people. The goal was to automate repetitive processes making them more reliable and accurate. Softengi is a part of the Inteсracy group, so the improvements of the HR system of the whole consortium are beneficial for all of us.

A few words about this system. HR System for Intecracy is the multifunctional system that accelerates internal HR processes in a big company making them more resultative. Imagine the seemingly simple process of employee adaptation. When someone accepts a job offer, 5 different departments must act immediately, launching a number of the internal process in order to make this person’s first day at work resultative. So when only 1 person is hired, 5 tasks for minimum 5 people are launched, including a financial department, HR department, IT support department among others. In most cases, these processes are interdependent and would require lots of redundant communication of all the parties involved in it and lots of manual tasks that can be avoided.

Why We Choose Camunda for This HR System?

With Camunda, it became possible to launch all the processes automatically and trace the progress of recruitment/adaptation/dismissal at any stage. That’s why the majority of the processes now don’t require human involvement and internal communication. So if the person is hired – you can at any moment track the stage of the preparation of the company to his/her first working day as the tasks are assigned automatically and their fulfillment is controlled by all the parties.

Here is the automated process of employee dismissal.

3 Incredible Examples of How Camunda Automates  Businesses Beyond Recognition
Employee Dismissal Automation


Nectain is a smart platform that allows minimizing human involvement in the process of procurement and maximizing the profit of the company as a result. To optimize the process of procurement, it’s vital to control numerous factors, such as budgeting, planning, monitoring & analyzing prices, and to make right & fast decisions on the basis of this information.

Camunda enhances the decision-making process in the puzzling and multifunctional process of procurement, reducing the amount of human-made errors to zero.  

Let’s see how it works using one clear example:

Imagine that there is a huge company with 50 offices all over the country which needs to buy office supplies regularly for all its offices. Procurement is performed with the help of tender committees which vary depending on such factors as the goods to be bought, the price, the amount of goods, the budget, etc.

Using Nectain, we generate and aggregate all the office supplies requests non-stop, making sure that the procurement is performed at the optimal moment in terms of budgeting.

How do we use Camunda for procurement in Nectain?

Using Camunda, the company solves one of the most annoying problems: it helps to choose the tender committee responsible for the procurement of certain goods for all the offices after the analysis of the level of demand and the price and assigns the responsible party automatically. This seemingly simple choice ( which, nevertheless, can cost millions to the company and require lots of attention from numerous employees) helps to optimize the total company budget.

3 Incredible Examples of How Camunda Automates  Businesses Beyond Recognition
Decision-Making Process Automation


This was one of the most Camunda integrations in our experience because it also involved two additional systems – Magento & SAP. Proud to say that we’ve managed to integrate all the systems seamlessly. We used Camunda to automate the processes for the stock photos provider that were repetitive and time-consuming. Instead of verifying payments manually, we decided to make these operations automatic.

3 Incredible Examples of How Camunda Automates  Businesses Beyond Recognition

Why did we choose Camunda for this purpose?

Using Camunda, we’ve managed to automate the order ID receipt and comparison of the payment.

The notification process is also automatic: when the ID of the photo is defined, it is matched with the payment. These processes are performed automatically, so it is 100% accurate and timely.

Camunda also helped to automate the reverse process: when the payment is performed, the release of the photos is allowed. Basically, two of the most essential processes of this platform have become automatic with the help of Camunda integration.

Camunda is one of the most effective solutions for automating manual processes and decisions due to several factors. First of all, Camunda offers a user-friendly and comfortable environment for business process management. Unlike other BPM solutions, Сamunda has 4 major UIs: modeling, tasklist, process administration, and monitoring which expands users’ scope of opportunities. Сamunda is faster than the majority of open-source BPMs and more adaptable. As there is a great community of Camunda users and even evangelists, this platform is being improved with incredible speed. We used Camunda to automate the process of employment, payment verification, and the choice of the tender committee. Yet the possibilities for workflow automation are immense.


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