The Electronic Vaccine Logistics Management System (VLMS) 

The Electronic Vaccine Logistics Management System (VLMS)  is the system that should provide a client with a simplified procedure for purchasing, distribution and redistribution of vaccines between warehouses and medical institutions. It also should provide the ability to control the stock of Central (Republican) Level (CL), Regional Level (RL), and District Level(DL).

Business and governments create and implement Electronic Vaccine Logistics Management System (VLMS) to make this complex process transparent and effective. 

Benefits of Vaccine Logistics Management System

Building a custom (VLMS)  

  • improves quantification of the processes for evaluating the right vaccines in the right quantities for a specific procurement period, in a timely and accurate manner;
  • helps to make rational decisions based on service delivery, budget, provider competence, institutional capacity, and other characteristics;
  • ensures uninterrupted availability of appropriate vaccines at all levels;
  • reduces shortages and surplus stocks, and therefore minimize losses;
  • improves profitability;
  • enhances patient satisfaction.

The Electronic Vaccine Logistics Management System (VLMS)  Softengi

Logistics Management System

Custom system for every client


Functionally efficient VaLMIS is available any time at any place and meets the necessary demand.

Simplicity and Сonvenience

With its help, the vaccination campaigns are not that challenging anymore, particularly considering COVID alike outbreaks in the future.

Сontrol and Monitoring

VLMIS can provide effective data and partner action integration, as well as traceability and monitoring of supplies.

Electronic Vaccine Logistics Management System Functions/Modules

Vaccine Logistics Management System

Forecasting and Ordering

This module is the main tool for procurement forecasting, ordering of vaccines and injection supplies. There are many parameters  which can be used for the formation of the forecast, including national immunization schedule, projected vaccine balances at the end of the year, demographic forecast for the 3 next years, wastage rate, etc.  Within this module users will have the possibility to access the legal information regarding the procurement process of vaccines.


This module is the main tool for managing the warehouse of vaccines and injection supplies. In the module, the movement of goods between divisions of the enterprise is automated to minimize manual input. It allows the supply manager to enter the contract information and an estimated schedule of supplies into the system and access this information when needed to thousands of authorized users. Invoicing is also enclosed in this module and allows working with financial aspects of vaccines. 


This module is the main reporting tool. The module’s functionality includes tools for entering data from paper reports for subsequent aggregation.A feature of this module is the availability of a tool for public data publishing and the access to this data via a web portal.

Contract and Supply Management

This module is the main tool for contract and supply management of vaccines and injection supplies. After a vaccine supply contract is concluded, the supply manager enters the contract information and an estimated schedule of supplies into the system.

Business Intelligence 

With the help of a business intelligence module it is possible to get comprehensible visual  analytics on the most important data regarding vaccines management. For instance, the amount of vaccines in separate warehouses, the quantity of vaccines, and the distribution of vaccines around warehouses can be monitored and visualized in the BI module. 


Vaccine Logistics Management System

Security is an utterly important element of VMLS development as this system contains exceptionally sensitive information and thus is a subject to security breaches.  There are 3 levels of security recommended for this system like this:

Control of transportation

  • Control of cold chain


The development of logistics management software for vaccine is discussed  by GAVI, MOH and at PubMed website often since vaccines are highly thermo-sensitive materials whose potency requires a functional cold chain system which is dependent on the ability of health care workers to effectively manage the system toward eliminating vaccine-preventable diseases.


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