Due to recents advancements in Artificial Intelligence and communication technologies, interaction with customers moves on to the new level of quality. According to American Express’s research, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Chatbot is one of the main customer experience drivers. 

Chatbots can be applied in 85% of all interactions with customers, making customer experience more engaging, interesting, and appealing. Today, there is no need to spend countless hours responding to leads’ messages, as chatbots do it instantly for you around the clock.



The most substantial advantages of сhatbots implementation for your business

Available 24/7

Nearly 55% of online shoppers terminate a purchase as they can’t find needed answers to their questions quickly enough. Thus, the massive advantage of a chatbot for business is an ability to help clients at any time.

Emotional Stability

With chatbots, companies are assured of the quality of their customer support services. After all, chatbots do not have emotions, and nothing can take them out of balance.

Customer Analytics

Chatbot development is applied not only for better customer service, but also for valuable insights. Collecting various data, chatbots can analyse customers’ behaviour and provide suggestions on how to improve customer service and enhance customer experience.

Some additional perks of using Chatbots :

1.Сhatbots are accessible

Chatbots do not need food, water, rest, vacations, a large tricked-out office, or an expensive HR team. Chatbots for customers work without weekends, vacations, and lunche pauses. Interactions with customers, order processings, and customer feedback analysis continuously go on.

2. Chatbots provide stable customer care

Chatbots have no emotions. The team of chatbot development service defines which emotions chatbots have to show in various contexts, thereby ensuring constant friendly and non-confrontational communication between company and its clients. No doubt, customers will appreciate the impeccable service of chatbots.

3. Chatbots are learning constantly

AI-powered chatbots have a sophisticated possibility to learn at a rapid speed. With each question they answer, they become better at solving problems, thereby increasing efficiency across the board. For the development of chatbots we use such technologies as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, ensuring that chatbots are not inferior to human workers.

4. Communication via Portable Devices

The technology world is committed to a mobile future. The number of users of personal computers and laptops constantly decreases. More and more users prefer portable devices such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches. AI-powered chatbots interface is widely applied in all kinds of portable devices.

5. Instant data analytics

Сhatbots for customer service have an ability to gather, analyze, and process information in various forms and from multiple sources. Moreover, embedded data analytics systems allow digital teams to nip in the bud inaccuracies and errors, thereby keeping improving the customer experience.


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