With 23 years of experience at software development outsourcing of the most popular technological stacks (using such languages as C#, Java, JavaScript, Python,  C/C++, .NET, ASP.NET, etc), Softengi brings only tangible results to the customers.

We constantly expand the scope of our expertise choosing and adapting the most perspective and effective. We strategize and place a bet on that expertise that will be relevant and effective in a long-term perspective, such as Python, R, or ARKit.

We use cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, Siemens MindSphere to guarantee the highest level of security possible.

We empower our clients with the expertise that helps them to be more сompetitive on the market and gain more profit eventually. Offering our clients top-notch digital solutions, such as Digital twins, Computer Vision for quality control, IoT for Smart Spaces we make digitalization happen here and now.


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