Cloud Orchestration

Cloud computing is a growing phenomenon impacting individuals as well as companies. More and more companies and enterprises incorporate in their applications the cloud technology. If a company uses multiple cloud applications, it is pivotal to run them concordantly with each other. 

Cloud Orchestration is a process of managing multiple cloud workloads in an automated way, synchronizing them into a single workflow.

Cloud OrchestrationSoftengi


The most substantial advantages of Cloud Orchestration


Automation helps to integrate many individual tasks and processes into a larger optimized workflow, leading in the long run to an enhanced overall productivity.

Cost Reduction

Cloud orchestration provides a smooth coordination of different processes, reducing the amount of IT resources required and leading to significant cost savings for companies.

Reduced errors

Orchestration is able to automate various operations and processes and eliminate human errors.

Some additional perks of Cloud Orchestration:

1.Container Technology 

Containers refer to a technology solution that allows migrating software from one computing environment to another without damage. A container-based application downloads pieces of software in complete file systems that have everything to make it run reliably: system tools, code, system libraries, etc., ensuring a smooth transition to the digital environment. It always runs the same regardless of the environment. Applying a container-driven solution allows companies to leverage automation and eliminate dependencies on outdated infrastructure services.

2.Efficient Visibility and Control 

Softengi offers a unified dashboard that provides a bird eye’s view of cloud resources and operations. It provides better visibility of application processes and operations and, as a result, enables smooth monitoring and control of cloud applications.

3.Process Optimization

Cloud orchestration optimizes most of the processes and operations run in the cloud. Maintenance of multiple servers, databases, networks, storage is performed automatically by the cloud orchestration technology, optimizing, therefore, overall application workflow. 


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