The emergence of cloud computing has brought about a real revolution in the way of saving, storing and accessing data. The cloud storage implies a centralized location on the internet that is able to store a large amount of data. Today, more and more companies are shifting to cloud-driven applications, reaping many benefits of the dynamic nature of the cloud. According to MarketsandMarkets, the cloud storage market is estimated to reach a value of $89 billion by 2022, starting from $31 billion in 2017. 

We develop cloud-based applications for many industries with the most advanced platforms such as AWS, Google, and IBM.



The most substantial advantages of using Cloud


The cloud computing allows to increase and decrease IT power almost instantly. Using the cloud, companies can rapidly scale up their performance capacity and that fast scale it down.

Reduced costs

By storing data with the cloud, companies can save money on hardware costs.


It is more secure to store data in the cloud than in on-premise environment as cloud systems are able to protect sensitive data more effectively.

Some additional perks of using Cloud:

1.   Up-to-date

Today, we live in an information age. Data influences everything. To stay ahead in today’s world, business executives have to be well-informed about everything that is happening within their companies and out of them. Many cloud-driven solutions have integrated analytics, that provide useful insights into stored data. Based on these data, companies can issue reports and analyze them in order to make more objective decisions. 

2.   Accessibility 

Cloud-driven applications are accessible from any location and on any device. For instance, if a company’s employee is out of the office for any reason, he/she can nevertheless keep up to date with clients and colleagues. 

3.   Speed of delivery

The cloud computing decreases significantly time to market of new apps and products by eliminating software development time. Additionally, cloud-driven products are able to automatically update themselves, instead of being updated manually by an IT team. According to PCWorld’s report, with cloud deployment, 50% of surveyed companies claim to use fewer internal IT resources. 


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