10 Most Frequent Questions about Team Augmentation

When choosing team/staff augmentation as a service, clients feel puzzled and ask a lot of questions. In this podcast, our CRO, Robert Gelinas, and the Head of Team Augmentation, Taras Bielokonov, answer the most frequent questions we might hear about team/staff augmentation.

photo Taras Bielokonov
Taras Bielokonov
Head of Outstaffing

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    AI for Ecommerce and Retail

    AI in E-commerce and Retail are helping businesses be ahead of the market. Yet AI is an umbrella term so what do we mean when we speak about AI solutions?

    In this podcast we discuss:

    1. Recommender engines which are the most popular and the most valuable ML algorithms for e-commerce;
    2. Pricing algorithms that help to update prices dynamically;
    3. Intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) which are much more useful than chatbots for customer support;
    4. Video Analytics for quality control in retail;
    5. Video Analytics for interactive heatmaps;
    photo Olga Shyrykhalova
    Olga Shyrykhalova
    Head of Marketing

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      AR /VR in Environment, Health & Safety Business Sector

      Augmented Reality( AR) and Virtual Reality( VR) have huge business potential in EHS. In this podcast, our Head of EHS, Nina Sharayevskaya and Robert Gelinas, a CRO, discuss the most up-to-date applications of AR/VR in EHS.

      Here are some of the use cases that are discussed in the podcast:

      • Virtual meetings in the conditions of remote work;
      • Virtual trainings for onboarding;
      • Virtual emergency trainings;
      • Remote assistance for the equipment trainings.

      And the transformation of Facebook into Meta, and the meaning of this event.

      photo Nina Sharayevskaya
      Nina Sharayevskaya
      Head Environment, Health & Safety Business

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        Other podcasts

        XR for Marketing in E-commerce & Retail
        photo Denis Bedun
        Denis Bedun
        Delivery Director
        XR for Marketing in E-commerce & Retail

        XR solutions for retail & e-commerce marketing are more than buzz words.

        They offer real benefits to the clients:

        1.  The possibility to preview goods before buying them
        2. The chance to experiment with the color, size, configuration of the object
        3. The unique opportunity to choose perfect clothes or pair of shoes using a personalized 3D model of a foot or a body
        4. The possibility to visit the place ( a hotel or a restaurant)

        Marketers also benefit from the implementation of XR

        1.  Engaging clients with the help of AR games
        2. Bringing to life printed marketing materials, such as labels, catalogs, etc.
        IoT Solutions for COVID
        photo Serhii Chernyshov
        Serhii Chernyshov
        Head of IoT
        IoT Solutions for COVID

        The Internet of Things technology can help to solve the issues caused by COVID in the most effective way without intrusion into human lives. Thermal cameras, wearables that monitor the health of the patients, smart spaces for social distancing monitoring. All these are created to improve the level of safety and security.In this short podcast, we have 2 experts discussing possible applications of IoT for COVID.

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