Cloud App Development

Cloud app development services are in demand by the majority of businesses today. It is because the most efficient and successful apps have cloud warehousing at their core. Once enterprises see the value of leveraging the cloud, they start taking advantage of all the possibilities it offers. An app which uses cloud storage is much more flexible, scalable, and, in the end, much more cost-effective. 

Read about our experience of using AWS for business continuity of one of the largest EHS software companies in the world in this article. 

According to Computerworld Forecast Study, 76% of businesses have already migrated most of their data centre infrastructures to the cloud. And every day we see that the number of enterprises that use cloud apps development is growing exponentially. 

We can offer the whole variety of cloud services providers, such as AWS, Azure, Siemens Mindsphere, Google Cloud, to meet your specific needs. It doesn’t matter whether the company plans on the legacy system modernization with the help of cloud development or wants to start the new app in the cloud from the very start. 

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The most substantial advantages of Cloud App Development

Cost Savings

Cloud services use pay-as-you-go system, so that the users are not charged for any space they do not need. Additionally, by using the cloud, companies can save money on hardware costs. Our experienced DevOps specialists can consult your business on how to choose the right services of the most popular cloud providers, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud & Siemens Mindsphere.


Built-in security systems monitor the whole cloud environment of apps, identifying and reducing any possible risks. Using cloud services is much more reliable compared to local storage. There are several reasons of higher cloud security: homogeneous architecture, consistent patching and security management, continuous compliance assurance, and the possibility to recruit top security talents on board.


With the cloud, users can access an app anywhere, anytime, using any number of networks or devices.

Some additional perks of Cloud Based App Development:

1. Coherent Cloud Strategy

Using the experience of our DevOps specialists we can build a coherent cloud strategy together. It means that all  your current requirements will be assessed carefully to provide you with the road map of cloud development. It is possible to start with a minimal viable cloud product and increase the services using the pay-as-you-go model. 

2. Information Loss Prevention 

By identifying and automatically stopping malicious or accidental data loss, a cloud-based server provides secured storing of uploaded sensitive information.

3. Automatic Software Update 

Instead of an IT team doing it manually,  cloud-driven apps automatically update themselves, saving companies time, costs, and efforts spent on time consuming IT support. This is a valuable feature for any business. 

4. Business Continuity

Serving our clients we develop a coherent plan of action in case of any force majeure event which allows preserving business continuity even for enterprise clients who are in demand of huge capacities.


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