Modernization of Legacy Systems: Embracing the Future

If you still don’t know why to replace old, but still working systems, with new ones, then how do you like these statistics? The new system improved the company efficiency by 34%, elevating customer experience and delivering more value to partners. This case and a few more in our article.

Telemedicine app. How we developed Uber for Medical Services

The leaders of any business, whether it is small, large or medium, obliged to pay impressive sums of money for employees' insurance. Yet, this top technology can reduce the expenditures significantly. Yes, we are talking about telemedicine. Employers can reduce insurance costs by 3 times. You will find evidence of such incredible statistics in the article.

IoT in Retail: Smart Shelves, UAVs and More

Do you want to see the future of shopping? How the retail industry will develop, what new methods and tools will appear and what technologies will be vital. It is not for nothing that 89 % of retailers increased their understanding of preferences and customer behavior thanks to the Internet of Things technology. The article below allows you to verify the choice of these retailers.

Extended Reality is the Future of Community Media

52% of enterprises around the world are developing an XR strategy, and a media industry is no exception. That is why experts claim that the next media revolution is immersive technology, otherwise known as Extended Reality which includes AR, VR, and MR. This technology allows you to attract customers through an interactive experience, improve sales, increase brand awareness. Powerful cases in the article show the incredible perspective of Extended Reality.

Computer Vision for Quality Control

CV-based applications serve to minimize human intervention, optimize operational efficiency, as well as reduce labour costs. These indicators primarily lead to increased profits of the enterprise. If you want to know more what spheres benefit from computer vision for quality control, read the article.

OCR App to Increase the Efficiency of the Logistics Department

Nowadays, every company is trying to get as far away from paper workflow as possible. The digitization process is carried out everywhere. And what will happen if we say that it is possible to increase the number of signed documents by 4 times? After all, documentation is such a big problem in such an industry as logistics. How exactly one application can give impetus to the development of logistics companies is described below.

DevOps Consulting: Trend or Necessity

Increase deployment time by almost 3 times. Myth or reality? DevOps consulting proves that this is a reality. Thanks to the incredible results of using this service, the presence of DevOps department has become an indispensable trend for every company that is configured for real results and profits.

XR for the Digital Twins of the Equipment

We’ve built a digital twin of the equipment for our German partner that produces heavy machinery for drilling. Using MR app, anyone can see a 3D model of this piece of equipment in XR from anywhere at any time.

Softengi Receives Another 5-Star Review on Clutch

We are proud of our team! The results of our effective work were noted by our customers on the Clutch platform.

AR app for Product Configuration

A short visual story about our AR application that solves the problem of the product demonstration for customers. And it doesn’t matter what kind of product it is: a designer sofa, a powerful UAV, or even a prototype of the house on Mars. Only a smartphone is required to work with the AR application. Using AR app sales & marketing managers and technical specialist can show even the bulkiest products to their customers without filling piles of docs for DHL.

Precision Agriculture: IoT Sensors, Drones, and XR to Make Farming Smarter

Do you know that at the moment there is a revolution in the Agricultural Sector? It became possible thanks to the development of Precision Agriculture and the Internet of Things. These technologies can achieve increasing the efficiency and profit more than 25% of any agricultural object, be it a complex of fields, a small greenhouse or a farm. How exactly you should implement new technologies and what exactly should be expected, as a result, read it in the article.

Augmented Reality Retail Trends Disrupting the Industry

More than 1 billion people are expected to use augmented reality products globally in 2020. The numbers are staggering. Consumers aim to choose products faster, try them before buying with the help of AR/VR, use navigation in these huge shopping malls. Buyers do not so much look at the quality and properties of the product as the opportunity to engage interactively with it. Today's article about this phenomenon.

Gamification as an Ultimate Engagement Tool

To increase the speed of employees training twice, to raise sales of the product, and most importantly, to enhance the engagement is now possible using one technology. Not even that. Without this technology, it is impossible to achieve all of the above. Every day gamification reveals its breathtaking possibilities. That is why it's necessary to learn how to use it correctly, the most impressive examples can be found in the article.

How Blockchain will Conquer the Renewable Energy Market

It is not a secret for anyone that with each passing day the volumes of electricity consumption is increasing by mankind. At the same time, renewable energy sources are actively being used. The main problem with this type of power generation is the storage of excess energy. An unexpected decision is Blockchain. And how exactly Blockchain copes with this issue is described below.

Remote Assistance for the Manufacturing Equipment

Remote Assistance solution is not the screenshot from Iron Man. It's a modern digital tool that can improve the effectiveness of the equipment assembly and maintenance. Using Remote Assistance employees get the chance to communicate with the top experts remotely fixing the most critical bugs faster.

Chatbot for DevOps Department

Increase team efficiency by 17% as we automate. This incredible result was achieved by our specialists when they launched Chatbot for DevOps Department. The goal was accomplished by improving communication and management, also we automated repetitive actions, increasing the speed of releases. You can read more about it below.

Good UX is Always Research Based

62% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company. That's why the first step in the app development should be a good research We want to show you the full process of UX research using our own product - an electronic document signing system - Deals. Follow us all the way of researching.

System Integration and IoT Devices

The demand of IoT ecosystem gives us an opportunity to create a valuable asset consisting of things, data, processes and people. We possess vast expertise in successful implementation of IoT projects within various industries and areas.

3D Model of an Observer

Creating high poly Observer 3d model for final product presentation

Automotive Industry: XR at the forefront

When buying a car, 70% of the younger generation see emerging technologies and infotainment features extremely useful. The most successful players in the Automotive Industry market are guided by new trends. XR is a leading technology in many aspects of the Automotive Industry, from manufacturing to sales. You can read about additional perks of using XR in the article.

3D Model of the Observer Case Mobile Station

Creation Observer 3D Model of the Mobile Case Station