3D model XR for Hololens

Creating a 3D model for staff education using mechanism by Hololens

3D Architectural Visualization

Creating photoreal architectural visualization

Camunda for Effective Workflow Automation: 3 Case Studies

We used Camunda to automate the process of employment, payment verification, and the choice of the tender committee. Workflow automation is one of the hottest digitalization trends that can save money & time to businesses.

3D content for Intecrator web site

Creation 3D content for web site

Gamification Examples for Successful Marketing Strategy

Worldwide commercial giant - McDonald's has chosen gamification as the main tool in its communication strategy. Is this not the best argument that gamification is really the hottest trend in modern marketing? Want to learn how to implement gamification in your marketing campaign? Here is the piece of reading for you.

3D Model of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Creation 3D visualization of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Virtual Reality Tour to the Gallery

Modelling gallery from drawing documents for MR prototype and final 3D visualization

Сomputer Vision Software for Def C - UAV

The development of drones is now on top of the popularity of using computer vision technology. And for good reason, because on the basis of the collected data, drones can significantly increase the efficiency of any company.

3D Model of an Observer

Creating high poly Observer 3d model for final product presentation

IoT Solutions for Electric Power Industry

IoT technology will help to distribute electricity without loss. It will also lead to the qualitative changes in its production and the delivery to the end users. Thanks to IoT, the share of renewable electricity in global electricity production has increased to 8.4%. It has also become possible to use mobile applications for smart electricity metering. We are working on one of them for our partner - Aziot. The most effective IoT solution for EPI sector are better described in the article below.

MVPCast Live Video Streaming App

An application that completely digitizes the sport. In this application, a large number of daring ideas were realized. It became possible to add special highlights right during the game. And even the main problem, a poor Internet connection, has been resolved. What other incredible results in the development of the streaming application we have achieved read below.

Disruptive Technologies in Risk Management: XR/AI

Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence take risk management to the new level – the level of total control. Risk management strategy includes threat prevention, emergency situations simulation in VR, data security and other methods of minimization of potential threats. Many compliance and risk departments have already implemented AI-driven solutions to streamline functions and compliance processes. More insights on this topic in the article below.

Live Video Streaming App & Other R&D Projects of Softengi

Where does exactly the transformation of a daring idea into a meaningful solution take place in an IT company? In the R&D department where experienced software architects create unique solutions using top-notch technologies. We would like to share with you some ongoing projects of our R&D team.

Gamification in the Retail: Turning Shopping into a Game

According to the Harvard Business Review, increasing customer attention by 5% can generate a 25%-95% increase in profit. Gamification is a real customer attention magnet. And most retailers have already implemented it in their strategy. Read about the results below.

AI is the Telecom Industry Trend: Automatic, Adaptive, Autonomous

63.5% of the telecommunication organizations are investing in AI-driven systems. The reason is the development of highly personalized products, improved fulfilment processes and enhanced network management. Сan modern telco companies exist without AI tools today? All the information is below.