AWS Cloud Service for Business Continuity of the Environmental compliance management system

The choice of AWS cloud service as a DR site was the most optimal, and, what is even more important for the client, the most cost-effective approach. Using AWS companies don’t have redundant resources, pay only for the resources we actually use, and this is a rock-solid argument for cloud migration of any business.

AI for EHS: Risk Prevention vs Risks Management

AI for EHS which includes ML, CV, NLP, is opening new possibilities for EHS. Using AI for compliance management, safety management, and incident management gives businesses full control and data-driven insights.

Medical Chatbot for Preliminary Diagnosis

43% of people google their symptoms and misdiagnose themselves. With the medical chatbot created on the basis of a reliable database of symptoms from a trusted clinic millions of patients can receive more accurate preliminary diagnosis. Yet, a visit to a doctor is a must.

AI for Financial Services Companies

According to Accenture’s research, by 2030, AI will add $1.153 billion in value to the financial industry and will allow it to achieve $1 trillion in cost-savings. Adoption of AI finance applications enables financial services companies to be more productive and innovative and create a better, engaging financial environment for their customers.

IoT in Agriculture: Smart Farming is the Only Farming for Us

By 2050, it is expected that 9.7 billion people will live on the planet. In this scenario, the first role comes out of the nutrition issue, because to feed such a huge population it is needed to multiply the production of food. Farmers and engineers are already working on this task and plan to achieve it by developing and building "smart" farms.

Lab Processes Orchestration for Microtechnix

Creating lab automation and orchestration process for MicroTechnix we helped the company to reduce the operational time and reduce the number of possible human-made errors. The automation of repetitive tasks made it possible for many employees to work on more creative tasks.

AI in Retail: Smart Shelves, Demand Forecasting, and Product Matching

AI in Retail is all about automation and personalization. Artificial Intelligence with its analytics and prediction capabilities offers the retail industry a great number of opportunities, that help to enhance operational efficiency, attract new customers, and generate sales.

Object Character Recognition Development: Use Cases from 3 Industries

OCR is being used by the majority of big companies today for reducing the amount of paperwork. Logistics & transportation, the financial sphere, and the public sector are historically regarded as sectors with heavy document flow the digitalization of which results in instant progress.

IoT Solutions for Manufacturing: Dealing with Typical Challenges

Transforming huge ICT systems into cyber-physical systems, dealing with security challenges, and preserving high cost-efficiency. These are just some of the challenges we faced when developing a complex IoT solution for manufacturing. The experience we accumulated in the process is priceless that is why we are sharing with it.

IoT in Oil & Gas: Asset tracking with RFID, GPS, and QR Codes

IoT for warehouse or asset management is a wise solution in a post-COVID world where human contacts are limited and there is a need to transfer the information fast. There are numerous different technologies that make asset tracking with IoT possible: RFID, QR codes, GPS tracking. All these technologies can be interchanged depending on the needs of the client and the environment.

IoT Solution for COVID: Augmented Office for Softengi

When we're looking for reliable IoT solutions for Covid-19 we understood that our own office needs improvement. That is how we created a virtual office.

Using Augmented Analytics Software to Enhance Business Processes

Today, we live in a world of data, which forces modern businesses to apply data-focused solutions in their operations. Augmented Analytics software is the most advanced analytics-driven application, which integrates cutting-edge technologies such as of Artificial Intelligence. The software provides advanced insights into business performance and market conditions, makes accurate forecasts, and suggests actionable business strategies.

IoT Real Estate Technology Meets Industry Challenges

In order to meet dynamic customer demands and business needs, the Real Estate industry is actively embracing cutting-edge tech applications. Internet of Things has proved to be an effective solution for all participants of real estate industry – property managers, tenants, and building owners. It provides greater business value, differentiating companies from their competitors, and offers new sources of revenue.

AI in Pharma: Defects Detection with Computer Vision

The traditional manufacturing process of drugs seems risky today: it involves the possibility of human-made errors and it is not cost-effective in terms of time spent on the verification. Machine learning and computer vision for quality control are slowly becoming a reliable alternative to traditional operations. 

Augmented Reality Retail: 10 Ways to Innovate the Retail Business

The outbreak of coronavirus hit the retail industry, forcing many stores to close down. In order to keep on track, retailers are pushing for alternative solutions on a massive scale. One of the major cutting-edge trend is AR. Augmented Reality Retail applications allow to meet customers demand, increase sales, as well as enhance operational efficiency.

IoT- Based Solution for COVID: Biometric Access Control

Social distancing control is a global challenge that can be easily solved with the help of technologies. Using IoT solutions for COVID, businesses can achieve high level of face mask detection and the temperature measurement. They can easily deny access to the infected people protecting others from the pandemic. Biometric access control is a cost-effective investment for any business today.

Digital Twin Use Cases and Applications

Today, applications of Digital Twin are widely used across many industries. Providing accurate virtual representations of objects as well as simulations of operational processes, applications of Digital Twin enable various businesses to promptly identify areas for innovation and improve business processes and performance.

IoT in Logistics and Transportation

With COVID-19 disrupting the transportation industries, logistics tech appears to be the key to business stability and even its advancement. By adding transparency to transportation processes, accelerating goods delivery, and enhancing operational processes Internet of Things in Transportation has brought Logistics Tech to a higher level.

Telemedicine App Development

As the coronavirus continues to spread, telemedicine app development with its ability to provide remote medical collaboration attracts a lot of attention. An alternative to traditional medicine, a telemedicine app allows patients to get needed consultations with chosen doctors virtually via video or audio conferencing.

Object Character Recognition Technology for Scriptum

For Scriptum, a secure platform for the digital business transformation we created a unique design system that can improve the speed of development immensely and have also implemented object character recognition technology to make the process of document processing fast and effective.

How Companies are Using OCR to Digitize Their Business

As the world becomes more digitized, companies have to keep pace with exploding process complexity and accelerating innovations. The first step of the digital transformation is introduction of Object Character Recognition (OCR), allowing companies to convert any kind of images containing written or printed text into a machine-readable format. Using character recognition apps, the companies enhance their document workflow by automating manual routine work.

HR Management Systems

Management of HR is going through a digital transformation. Most processes that recently were done only manually, are now automated by advanced HR online systems, the most widespread of which are HRIS, HRMS, HCM. As regards the implementation of the HR Management software, the choice is between the two trends that dominate the broad HR market - SaaS and customized HR management software.

Web Portal Development: Communication & Collaboration Platform

Softengi has developed a web portal solution for a public sector with content management, search, forms creation, and survey modules to ensure the most effective level of communication and collaboration inside the company.

Digital Twin Technology for Facility Monitoring

Digital twin technology for facility monitoring is the possibility to obtain the most accurate information about any environment from IoT sensors and stream it directly to the digital twin.

Management Consulting 4.0: Paradigm Transformation

Management consulting is undergoing a large transformation under the pressure of new technologies, ambitious ideas, and the pandemic. The majority of companies have realized that the data they generate is a valuable asset, and they need experts to collect, work, and process it correctly to make data-driven decisions. How can management consulting companies guide businesses to the digital era?

Embedded Devices: Basic Notions

The rise of the interest to embedded system development is explained by the smart home mass introductions and the growing demand for consumer electronics, ADAS, electronics solutions.

Video Streaming Apps: Design. Development. Support.

Live stream broadcast is an affordable and very profitable tool. The flow of new interactive video content can increase dwell time and incremental repeat traffic, boosting marketing campaigns and revenue opportunities.

XR for Remote Consulting and Maintenance

By clashing digital and physical worlds, XR has opened a lot of possibilities for various industries. Remote Consulting and Remote Assistance are today's most in-demand applications, that have shown a great potential to revolutionize the traditional maintenance field.

BI for Data Analysis: Applications in Pharma

The key to company success in the pharma industry is efficient utilization of Big Data. According to Worldwide Health Industry 2020 Predictions report, IDC professionals claim that next decade will be defined by healthcare data and the technologies needed to harness them. A Business Intelligence solution can efficiently process and analyze pharma data, providing insights with in-depth analytical reports.

IoT Solutions in the Post-COVID-19 World: New Challenges

The pandemic has forced enterprises to reconsider their work practices and adjust them to the current situation with COVID-19. A broad array of devices and software allows us to operate and respond to this crisis in a way that would have been impossible in the past. Such technologies as Internet of Things are helping companies and governments to solve unique challenges posed by coronavirus.

AI-Powered Online Learning Platform for an NGO

Remote education is the current trend, luckily, IT has a lot to offer. Learning management systems development in all their variations: online platform development, document management systems, scheduling software, is the best solutions for remote teaching and studying.

HR System Software Development for a World Bank Program

Developing custom HR software is investing in your company's most valuable resources: employees.

IT Solutions to COVID-19

Our team joined a Central European Initiative call for proposals and came up with the technological response to the pandemic: we suggest using Artificial Intelligence in the battle against COVID-19. Let's be honest, technology is the only thing that can help us deal with the pandemic.

Corporate Web Portal Solutions

The Employee web portal is basically a data hub for the business which allows consolidation valuable data for its further analysis. Companies that have implemented corporate web portals manage to reduce the time their employee spend on repetitive tasks by 17%.

Power BI Services for a Lab Process Automation Company

Power BI is a powerful tool that translates data into value for a company empowering even non-technical specialists with the information helping them to make data-driven decisions.

Computer Vision for Quality Control in Retail

Computer Vision and Machine Learning open new possibilities for retailers. Spotting "empty shelves", finding the right product from the catalog, determining fake/counterfeit goods is efficient when it is done with the help of AI.

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