IoT solutions for COVID 2019 are becoming an important and cost-effective investment in many business sectors today. According to Forbes, the pandemic pushed us to rethink all the habitual operations and interactions and search for creative answers to the new challenges. That is why the majority of companies started experimenting with new technologies to ensure social distancing and safety: IoT, Computer Vision, mobile apps, digital twins, edge computing. Anything to guarantee the effective work and safety of the employees and the clients!

We use all these technologies interchangeably but in this business case, we would like to tell more about IoT for biometric access control. 

Our client, which chose to remain undisclosed, ordered the post-COVID IoT solution that could control three parameters: employees’ temperature, the absence of the mask at the workplace, and the time spent at work. We offered our client a modern IoT solution for the post-COVID situation with biometric terminals which could satisfy the client’s needs and be comfortable to use for the employees as well. 

The proposed solution is based on a biometric terminal of one of the market leaders and is supposed to control three factors: masks and fever and time spent at work.

IoT- Based Solution for COVID

The access control and time management system can use face ID, RFID cards, or passwords depending on the needs of the customer.


There are three parameters for control: 

  • As for the temperature control, the terminal can determine the employee`s temperature with 0.1 C accuracy. It means that the chances that some workers with fever will slip to the office unnoticed are minimal. And if the temperature is above normal, the system will deny access to the employee and send alerts to the responsible person. 
  • As for the control of the masks, the system works using the same principle. Violators don’t have access to the office and the system sends instant alerts to the administrator.
  •  As for the time tracking option, the terminal will indicate two most important parameters: an employee’s arrival and exit and will accumulate historical data on the attendance of the whole department or a company.  The responsible person who controls the attendance will be able to receive regular reports on people/departments attendance. 

Installation of this terminal at the entrance of the office helped the client to reduce the time spent on the daily check of the health state of the employees to the minimum. 


  • Fast temperature measurement mode
  • Face mask-wearing alert and forced mask-wearing alert
  • Displays temperature measurement results on the authentication page
  • Voice prompt will be triggered and door status (open/close) can be configured when detecting abnormal temperature

It is reasonable to pay attention to the fact that the software and devices parameters are flexible. The card and face capacity are 6000 records.

IoT- Based Solution for COVID

The IoT system of biometric control is a reliable tool for the maintenance of health and productivity around the office. Installing this system, businesses protect themselves against the pandemic and reduce the risks of the spread of the virus to the minimum.

More than that, these terminals exclude human interaction and human-made errors and inattentivenes.


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