We live in a world where environmental protection and sustainability play an important role. Today, governments and enterprises pay close attention to EHS issues, putting a lot of effort into the improvement of business sustainability, workers’ health conditions, and safety performances in the workplace. 

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) is a set of processes, rules, standards, and regulations aimed at the protection of the environment, company employees, and society from any damage.

Softengi developed a comprehensive EHS software solution for Enviance, an EHS software vendor, which was serving more than 400 clients globally. In 2020, Enviance was acquired by Cority, a major EHS management vendor and one of the market leaders, according to Vendantix. Both companies focus on the management of companies’ EHS performance and environmental compliance. 

During a long partnership with Enviance, for more than 17 years, Softengi designed a complex cloud-based solution that involves emission tracking, waste management, incident management, and environmental compliance tools to enhance the companies’ EHS performance. Among Enviance clients were such major enterprises as Walmart, DuPont, Chevron, Valero, Syngenta, and AEP. 

Challenges and Objectives 

Emission Tracking System

Today, in most countries, governments and authorities are very strict about companies running sustainable businesses, controlling emissions, and adhering to EHS regulations. So, a lot of companies experience many difficulties with regulatory compliance and EHS performance management, which, as a result, forces more and more companies to invest in EHS process automation solutions. 

Among our main solution objectives for developing an environment management system were:

  • Compliance with water and air regulations;
  • Real-time compliance calculations via own Formula Language, which involves alerting and notification systems;
  • 1M transactions per day;
  • Electronic Government Reporting;
  • Application of inspection and audit systems with 100k transactions per day;
  • Rich, restful API for both web clients and external 50+ integrations;
  • Multi-Tenancy and SSO;
  • Adherence to information security policies;
  • Embracement of top-notch data analytics technologies;
  • Implementation of system security with encryption, access controls, and state-of-the-art protection tools;
  • User-friendly UI/UX design;
  • Multilingual support (5+ languages);
  • Code Security and OWASP audits;
  • Development of supporting service systems.

About the Product and How It Works

Emission Tracking System

The Enviance’s emission tracking and environment management solution enables companies to measure, analyze, and manage environmental data, thereby enhancing companies’ regulatory compliance and data management. The software provides companies with automated air emissions management, chemical management, incident management, waste management, as well as health and safety compliance management. 

The emission tracking and environment management solution includes:

  • Air Emission Management System;
  • Wastewater Management System;
  • Incident Management System;
  • Waste Management System;
  • GHG and Carbon Management System;
  • Health and Safety Compliance Management System;
  • SARA/TRI Software;
  • Advanced Audit Platform;
  • Inspection Solution.

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Air Emission Management System 

Using data mining technology, the software tracks and monitors air emissions, identifying problematic areas and anomalies in real-time. On the basis of the input data, which can be gathered from various sensors or from internal document systems, the operational model can estimate emissions, identify warning signs of potential issues, allowing to preemptively resolve them before they occur, significantly reducing human intervention. 

Wastewater Management System

The Enviance software provides a wastewater management solution to better maintain and sustain asset infrastructure. The solution provides access to all water and wastewater data visualised on one centralized platform, which allows companies to get a better overview of wastewater management, and thereby find ways to significantly reduce the wastage of water by performing balances and analyzing output and consumption in real time.

Wastewater Management System

Incident Management System 

Incident Management System

The environment management software also includes an incident management system, which allows to effectively perform such tasks as a proactive prediction of incidents, in-depth incident analysis, and root-cause assessment. Moreover, the system is able to find the most suitable corrective actions for each specific case. 

Waste Management System 

The embedded waste management system tracks companies’ waste generation, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes. The system helps to efficiently manage waste collection and its utilization by automating service management, logistics, and invoicing. 

Waste Management System

GHG and Carbon Management System

Reducing the output of greenhouse emissions is one of the main priorities of most companies today. The in-build carbon management system allows to track greenhouse emissions across entire enterprises, analyze companies’ carbon footprint, and discover new ways to significantly cut the emissions. 

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Health and Safety Compliance Management System

Taking care not only of environmental compliance but also of the health and safety of people, Enviance’s software provides health and safety compliance management, which allows for improving the sustainability of health and safety performances in the workplace by constantly tracking employees’ health and safety compliance in the work field. 

SARA/TRI Software

The in-build SARA/TRI Software analyzes relaxation data and provides in-depth reports on the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), allowing companies to improve their emissions. 

Advanced Audit Platform

The advanced audit platform allows to perform customized audits, ensuring companies’ operations are in compliance with all regulations and permits. The system offers formalized audits on a large scale with simplified recordkeeping and reporting tools.

Inspection Solution 

The environment management software of Enviance includes an inspection app, which provides automated repeating inspections of companies’ performance with tailored checksheets and integration with other modules to promptly identify risks, always comply with constantly changing requirements, and prevent incidents before they occur. 

Success Story

Developing a product in such a complex field as environment and sustainability requires in-depth tech and business expertise of the development team to create a high-quality solution. Our collaboration with Eviance in the development of the emissions tracking and environment monitoring system has resulted in many new company users, among which are well-known global players such as Chevron, Walmart, DuPont, Syngenta, and AEP. That proves that Enviance’s software provides a high value to its customers, is effective, easy-to-use, and, most importantly, one of the best on its market. 


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