PZU is the Largest Insurance Group in Central and Eastern Europe, working at the Ukrainian market since 1993. The Group consists of more than 600 insurance offices in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, more than 16,000 employees and over 200 types of insurance products. Ukrainian PZU Network has 84 representative offices. Before the electronic life insurance system introduction the insurance agents and brokers completed questionnaires and statements in paper form. Then they were sent by post along with a package of documents from the customer to the central office in Kyiv, where they were checked, the decision taken, and documents were sent back. This whole process was taking too much time and costs for paper work and shipment.


  • Softengi specialists automated complex and multi-step process of life insurance, whereby decision- insurance has become easier and more quickly. The development and implementation of electronic life insurance system were conducted by Scrum flexible software development methodology, which suggests that the whole process is broken down into two-week stages (sprints).
  • Duration: 2 months


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