At the request of Intecracy Lab, Softengi delivered a solution for storing prescriptions and other related records online and having them available at any pharmacy, hospital, or medical institution. Later on, Softengi was engaged by one of its clients to develop an E-Prescription Information System with similar functions. So it used the aforementioned solution as a basis for the development and customized it according to the client’s requirements and expectations.

The overall goals of the initiative were as follows:

  • To introduce higher social security standards and improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services;
  • To create and implement an efficient, transparent mechanism for more personalized delivery of medications;
  • To improve prescription accuracy and save time;
  • To personalize the written prescription record;
  • To reduce the number of phone calls and faxes related to prescription refill authorizations;
  • To reduce the amount of manually entered prescription data;
  • To generate statistical reports for the relevant compliance authorities;
  • To set up registries of chronically ill patients, with a special focus on insulin-dependent individuals; etc.
E-Prescription Information System

Softengi Team Contribution

Addressing all the client’s requirements and expectations, the Softengi team delivered a system rich in functionality. Further, utilizing cloud technologies made the solution cost effective.

One important function of the system was personalizing records for written prescriptions. Patients could be identified in any of several ways: passport data, insurance number, or municipal ID card.

Moreover, the E-Prescription Information System contained the following “electronic offices” (eOffices) for different types of users: the doctor/family doctor eOffice, the patient eOffice, and the governmental eOffice (for controls and statistical analysis).

A critical requirement was the protection of personal and clinical data. For this purpose, the solution provided the use of digital signatures by doctors and traffic encryption during data transfers.

Open interfaces were used to simplify the E-Prescription Information System’s integration with other medical applications and pharmacy accounting systems which allowed the exchange of information related to prescriptions and medications.

The E-Prescription Information System provided a means for printing out medical prescriptions with barcodes enabling automatic integration with pharmacies and other systems.

Also, the system offered the ability to generate statistical reports for the relevant governmental agencies. Representative features included preferential prescriptions for specific medical needs, the availability of specific medications in stock, and possible alternatives for replacement.


The Softengi team successfully delivered a web application that provided effective, fully integrated interaction between patients, doctors, insurance companies and other vested parties.


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