Healthcare is an expensive and indispensable part of society. All countries of the world are doing everything possible to ensure that quality medical care is available to all people. One of the breakthroughs in this area is the invention and development of telemedicine. And as a logical continuation of each solution, a telemedicine app is being created. Telemedicine is a tool that makes healthcare more accessible and cost-effective and increases patient interest, which in turn increases the overall health indicator of the whole country.

The most important benefit of telemedicine is its cost-effectiveness. According to US News & World Report, the average cost of a visit is $ 125. The average cost of visiting telehealth is around $ 45. Thus, employers сan decrease the cost of insurance for their employees by 3 times.

Telemedicine App for Remote Consulting

Telemedicine consultations are carried out by transmitting medical information through secure telecommunication channels. The information includes the patient’s history and special medical data that can be collected and transferred from the patient’s house to a remote telemedicine center for further processing by specialists. Consultations with the help of telemedicine app can be carried out both in deferred mode and in real-time.

“Uber for Medical Services” – Mobile/Web Application

Telemedicine App for Remote Consulting

Our R&D department discussed the problem of the inaccessibility of medicine for a large part of the population due to the critical distance or high cost of services. They decided to create an application to deal with this issue. Modern technology can not only move a personal doctor at home but also in the pocket of the client. Telemedicine app allows contacting any doctor anywhere in the world without wasting time looking for an appointment in another country.

Uber for medical services is a database of medical specialists with the ability to use many filters for choosing a required specialist who can consult patients on request through a convenient mobile application. Doctors have the opportunity to see information about the patient’s health status. Isn’t it innovative and convenient? Using this telemedicine app, patients can find out the opinions of qualified medical professionals in any convenient way for them: using video, audio, or chat.

Also, a video conferencing session can take place between two subscribers as well as between several subscribers in the so-called multipoint mode. The most difficult cases can be discussed through a consultation with doctors from different medical centers.

The application process looks simple and convenient: the user can find the right specialist in just a few minutes and schedule an appointment for a specific time or contact him immediately online. Comfort and timeliness are ensured thanks to technology. We also want to note that according to the American Telemedicine Association, the quality of medical services provided through telemedicine is the same as with traditional face-to-face consultations.

Mobil/Web-Application for medicine

The prototype of our solution was created using RTC, React Native, and Node.js. It also has the potential to turn into a telemedicine platform for wider use of the capabilities of modern technologies and increase the medical well-being of people. Good telemedicine examples are Teaching and Broadcasting Surgery.

As a result of using the telemedicine platform, the physician has a real opportunity for continuing professional education on the job. Lectures, as well as video consultations, can take place in multipoint mode. Thus, a lecture can be conducted immediately for students from different countries. A telemedicine platform in tandem with a telemedicine app can increase the effectiveness of training because only a smartphone is needed to use this service.

The use of network video cameras allows for organizing the broadcast of a surgical operation. The telemedicine platform can also be used in the “telementoring” mode when a more experienced doctor remotely monitors the actions of a less experienced colleague in real time.

We believe that Uber for medical services will be able to give people what they need – quality medical services. After all, this is one of their fundamental human rights. It can also help relieve employers of the huge burden of paying exorbitant amounts for insurance.


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