Our Task

As an input we had doors with electromechanical locks and mobile application allowing fingertip scanning and recognition. We were challenged to integrate these pieces and build a solution, with the help of which the user could easily unlock his door by presenting his four fingers to the mobile camera. Today’s topic is our great creature – Smart Door System.

Our Solution

Our team has managed to build a Smart Door Door Unlocking System through applying IoT technologies. Earlier, we have already created Aziot Home – a Connected Digital Platform for managing living environment.

Based on this platform, our team has managed to develop a solution for automated door unlocking. We connected an application for fingertip scanning with hardware installed in the door. Moreover, we have succeeded to simplify significantly the whole hardware complex and built a small and easy-to-use Hub. Our IoT solution is based on the standard MQTT protocol and thus can be easily integrated with other IoT solutions.

Benefits of Smart Door System

  • You can easily control your door locking and unlocking being miles away from it – just present your four fingers to the camera of your App.
  • You can manage a number of doors through your App (home, office, summer house, etc) – just open the map at your App, choose among the registered locations and unlock the door of your choice.
  • There is no need to have Wi-Fi at your location to use the Smart Door System – you can apply 3G module through inserting a SIM card into your Hub.
  • Entrust specific persons to control specific doors by registering their fingertips on the App and thus allowing them to unlock the door.

Prospects of Smart Door System

Prospects of applying Smart Door System for business and household are pretty diverse.

  • Install the Smart Door System at your home and use it to unlock your door in case of emergencies, keys lost, relatives becoming, ill and any other situation demanding your participation when you are miles away.
  • Apply the system for managing big enterprises (hospitals, warehouses, stores, manufactures). There are usually a lot of doors and a lot of people. The challenge is to provide specific persons with access to specific doors.
  • Use the application as a pass to enter your office. This will prevent you from unauthorized people at your company, who might just get a pass from one of your employees and freely use it to enter your premises.


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