Before offering any innovative technologies to our clients, we test many of them ourselves. We see a digital transformation not only as of the mission but as our core philosophy. When facing complex operational issues, we solve them using our technical expertise: this is how we created an augmented office solution that combines the best modern technologies: IoT & XR to provide our own employees with incredibly comfortable experience.

Augmented Office

In essence, it is an IoT-powered digital twin ( which means it collects the information using temperature, CO2, humidity sensors) which can be unlocked with the help of user-friendly mobile application.

A few more words about the technologies that empower our augmented office:

A digital twin is a 3D replica of any facility created in augmented reality mode. This means that the user can see a 3D model of the whole office using a smartphone or a tablet.

IoT-powered smart office means a physical office enhanced by the sensors that collect the most vital information about it: visitors, temperature, humidity, CO2 and transform this information in analytics.

This solution was created for all the employees of our office who were forced to work remotely: business employees, real estate managers, administrators. Any person using this smart space solution will find his/her own benefits. A user persona is in the center of the experience of this solution.

How can this solution help employees? For instance, a business development manager has a number of routine tasks at the office:

  • booking a place at the office  
  • checking the availability of a colleague from another department
  • arranging meetings with a colleague in a free meeting room
  • starting a video call  with any colleague
  • reporting about the problem

This is a typical workflow of the employee experiencing virtual office from any place of the world:

smart space solution

For the office manager who is responsible for the effective consumption of the resources, this smart space solution gives additional benefits: a clear picture of the office usage, occupation, and resources consumption in any given moment and in a historical perspective. Using a mobile application with a smart space solution in it, an office manager gets the chance to:

  • to see problems that appear in the office, such as water leak or an intrusion instantly
  • to analyze the occupancy patterns change on a daily basis using IoT analytics dashboards and heatmaps
  • to locate all the employees at the office at any given moment of time
  • to monitor security issues 
  • to arrange meetings  booking internal spaces

Here is how the worflow for the office manager might look like:

One of the most important innovative features of our smart space solution is gamification. We have implemented a number of game mechanics to make the user experience more engaging and interactive.

Benefits of the Smart Space which combines digital twins + IoT-powered smart spaces for the organization:

  • Effective and comfortable control via mobile devices which are accessible to anyone.
  • The possibility of integration with future technology ( AI, VR) 
  • 100% accurate digital replica of the facility
  • The possibility to analyze the occupancy and the usage of the facility on historical and real-time data.
  • Integration of complex data structures down to asset level, integration of data from various sources, such as IoT
  • Management of connected IoT devices from multiple providers
  • A large amount of data (terabyte) management
  • Predictive analytics regarding occupation and usage on the basis of historical data
  • Faster insights
  • Simulations on the changes, occupancy, and facility usage. 
  • 24/7 data availability
  • Integration with the data enterprise systems and any 3rd party data
  • Absolute device security
  • Improvement of  daily employees productivity and visitor experience (eg.access, room & desk booking system, wayfinding, parking, F&B, etc)


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